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Using PLU coding of goods allows you to organize convenient work eliminating errors in the storage and sale of goods.

In SmartTouch POS, it is possible to record weighted goods in accordance with their PLU code.

The list of products with PLU can be loaded into the Electronic Scale. Electronic scales weigh the goods and form a self-adhesive label indicating the Product Name, Product Weight and Product Cost. In addition, the barcode is printed on the label, which contains information about the product code and its weight. This Barcode is used by POS-terminal scanners to quickly get information about the sold weight product.

The PLU product code is the serial number of the product under which it is listed in the institution’s database and weights. The main requirement is that the PLU code must be unique in the institution’s coding system.

Group filling of the PLU code is done in the Admin Panel \ Product \ Products and dishes \ Gear \ Group filling


Weighted goods. Work with PLU | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The value of the PLU product code can be viewed in the PLU field on the “Basic” tab in the product card

You can clear the PLU code by clicking on the Admin panel \ Product \ Products and dishes \ Gear \ Clear all PLU button

Coding PLU

Weight barcode – EAN13, includes: prefix VSh sign, PLU – product code and its weight.
Composition of VS in EAN13 (standard):


2 first digits FF is a prefix sign of VS, In the Sparttouch POS coding system this value is 22.

6 digits PPPPPP – PLU – product code

4 digits WWWW– product weight in grams

C – Check Digit

To work with a weighted barcode, you must:

  1. Set the flag “Weighted goods” in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Product card
  2. Enter the PLU field in the table of the directory of goods and dishes
  3. Weigh the goods, print and stick on it a label with a weight barcode
  4. When scanning in the POS terminal, the product name, weight and cost will be added

Accounting for containers when weighing goods allows you to automatically calculate the net weight of the sold product (dish).

For example, when selling:

  • Beer poured into a liter bottle is put on the scales.
  • The POS terminal sets the value of the product “draft beer”
  • The modifier “Bottle 1 liter” is added to the product “Draft beer”.
  • After weighing the goods, the standard tare – “Bottle 1 liter” is deducted from the total weight of the goods.
  • Removing the modifier from the product causes the addition of tare to the weight of the product.
  • If automatic weighing fails for some reason, the seller can manually enter the Gross weight (product + container).


The modifier Container “Bottle 1 liter” is created in the section Admin panel \ Products and dishes

Tare weight is defined in the modifier description card. Tab. Main field Weight




The binding of the modifier (Container) to the goods is done in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Price elements \ Modifiers