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1. Printer Bluetooth IPOS-PT2200
2. Print a test page
3. Configure the tablet pairing with a Bluetooth printer
4. Register the printer in the Administration Panel
5. Connect the printer to outlet
6. Sale of products from tablet
7. Print guest check

  1. Determine the network address of the printer
  2. Set the IP address of the computer in accordance with a predetermined IP address of the printer
  3.  Configure the IP address of the printer
  4.  Register your printer in the administration panel
  5.  Set up the printing parameters for Guest checks in the Administration panel
  6.  Set up the printing parameters for Preparation tickets
  7. Creation of an order and verification of printing


Android Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58mm
Citizen CT-4000
Datecs FP320 с КЛЭФ
Datecs FP101 Smart
Epson TM-T20II Lan
GlobalPOS RP80
POS H-58 Bluetooth
Posiflex 6800L
Posiflex 6900L
Posiflex PP-7000-II LAN
Posiflex pp-8000L
Sam4s GIANT-100
Sams4 ellix50 Ethernet
SPARK PP-2010.2A
SPARK-PP-2058 L (2LW)
TYSSO (Fametech) PRP-300
Xprinter C2008 Bluetooth
Xprinter C2008 Lan\Wifi

In fact, the list of printer models (for both Android and iPad) working with the program is much broader than that presented in the list, printers that are not included in the list of supported

To configure your printer, go to the Administration panel: Settings\Printers\Create
• Specify your printer’s name, for example «Bill (guest check) printer» or «Printer in the meat shop».
• Choose your printer’s model
• Specify an IP address for your network printer
You can set your printer’s IP address by using a special utility supplied with the printer.

The IP address must be on the same network as the tablet.

After you finish working with the printer’s settings on the tablet, you have to sign out and then sign in once again to the application.

To print guest checks, choose your printer in Settings\Establishments\Printer: «Bill  (guest check) printer».
To print preparation tickets (kitchen checks), specify the appropriate printing category for each dish.

For example, if you need to print orders for dishes on the printer installed in the kitchen and for cocktails in the bar:
 Products\Products and Dishes\…Dish… «Chicken Kiev»\Categories\Print.Category: «Printer in the kitchen»,

 Products\Products and Dishes\…Cocktails… «Blueberry Martini»\ Categories\Print.Category: «Printer in the Bar»

You can find the list of available printers (network, bluetooth and usb) in the printer’s card: Administration panel\Settings\Printers\Printer type field.

Actually, the list of printers models (both for Android and iPad) working with the program is much larger than the list present in the printers card.

To check the compatibility of a new printer, send us the name of its model