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In the CIS countries:

Sales department work schedule:

9:00 – 18:00 (Mon-Fri)

Technical support work schedule:

9:00 – 21:00 (Mon-Fri)
9:00 – 18:00 (Weekend)

Working with equipment

Using PLU coding of goods allows you to organize convenient work eliminating errors in the storage and sale of goods.

In SmartTouch POS, it is possible to record weighted goods in accordance with their PLU code.

The list of products with PLU can be loaded into the Electronic Scale. Electronic scales weigh the goods and form a self-adhesive label indicating the Product Name, Product Weight and Product Cost. In addition, the barcode is printed on the label, which contains information about the product code and its weight. This Barcode is used by POS-terminal scanners to quickly get information about the sold weight product.

The PLU product code is the serial number of the product under which it is listed in the institution’s database and weights. The main requirement is that the PLU code must be unique in the institution’s coding system.

Group filling of the PLU code is done in the Admin Panel \ Product \ Products and dishes \ Gear \ Group filling


Weighted goods. Work with PLU | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The value of the PLU product code can be viewed in the PLU field on the “Basic” tab in the product card

You can clear the PLU code by clicking on the Admin panel \ Product \ Products and dishes \ Gear \ Clear all PLU button

Coding PLU

Weight barcode – EAN13, includes: prefix VSh sign, PLU – product code and its weight.
Composition of VS in EAN13 (standard):


2 first digits FF is a prefix sign of VS, In the Sparttouch POS coding system this value is 22.

6 digits PPPPPP – PLU – product code

4 digits WWWW– product weight in grams

C – Check Digit

To work with a weighted barcode, you must:

  1. Set the flag “Weighted goods” in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Product card
  2. Enter the PLU field in the table of the directory of goods and dishes
  3. Weigh the goods, print and stick on it a label with a weight barcode
  4. When scanning in the POS terminal, the product name, weight and cost will be added

Accounting for containers when weighing goods allows you to automatically calculate the net weight of the sold product (dish).

For example, when selling:

  • Beer poured into a liter bottle is put on the scales.
  • The POS terminal sets the value of the product “draft beer”
  • The modifier “Bottle 1 liter” is added to the product “Draft beer”.
  • After weighing the goods, the standard tare – “Bottle 1 liter” is deducted from the total weight of the goods.
  • Removing the modifier from the product causes the addition of tare to the weight of the product.
  • If automatic weighing fails for some reason, the seller can manually enter the Gross weight (product + container).


The modifier Container “Bottle 1 liter” is created in the section Admin panel \ Products and dishes

Tare weight is defined in the modifier description card. Tab. Main field Weight




The binding of the modifier (Container) to the goods is done in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Price elements \ Modifiers

1. Printer Bluetooth IPOS-PT2200
2. Print a test page
3. Configure the tablet pairing with a Bluetooth printer
4. Register the printer in the Administration Panel
5. Connect the printer to outlet
6. Sale of products from tablet
7. Print guest check

The cost of using SmarTouch POS software directly depends on the number of licenses purchased

To view information about purchased licenses and to switch licenses from one device, go to Administration Panel \ Settings \ Licenses and Payments \ View a list of Devices

Switching a license from one device to another | фото 1 | SmartTouch


To switch a license from one device to another:

  1. Release the license – in a device that you do not plan to use, turn off the flag in the Active column
  2. Install a license for the device you plan to use
  3. Restart the application “Mobile POS-terminal” on the device

In the Administration Pane: Settings \ Printers

Set the desired printer type using the POS printer \ Google Cloud Print switch

POS printer settings:

  • In the “Name” field, specify the name of the printer, for example, “Printer foresight” or “Printer in the meat workshop”.
  • Select a printer model
  • In the Bluetooth field, specify the IP address for the network printer or the printer name for the
  • Bluetooth connection
  • The printer’s IP address is set using the special utility that comes with the printer. The IP address must be on the same network as the Tablet.
  • The “Additional encoding” field is the default value by default, it is used to select the desired code page (in conditions when the printer prints unreadable characters). Example of code pages: 1251, cp866
  • The esc / pos trimmer contains commands for activating the printer knife.
  • Cass. box esc / pos – contains the command to open the cash drawer.



Setting up the printer | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Popular cutter codes:


Top Cash Drawer codes:

1B, 70, 00, C8, FA

1B, 70, 30, 3C, 78, 00

1B, 70, 31, 3C, 78, 00

1B, 70, 00, 32,FF

1B, 70, 01, 32,FF

  1. Determine the network address of the printer
  2. Set the IP address of the computer in accordance with a predetermined IP address of the printer
  3.  Configure the IP address of the printer
  4.  Register your printer in the administration panel
  5.  Set up the printing parameters for Guest checks in the Administration panel
  6.  Set up the printing parameters for Preparation tickets
  7. Creation of an order and verification of printing


  1. Send a letter to the technical support service at SUPPORT@SMARTTOUCHPOS.EU
    Specifying in the letter of your login and password from the admin panel, as well as the number of required cards. (For example us1234 pass 3245, please provide the code for generating 100 cards).
  2. You will receive the code: (Example: с6666n0001- с6666n0100). Where c6666n 0001 is the first card in your list, accordingly with6666n0002 this will be the second card in your list and so until the last card from 6666n0100 in our cases is the 100th card.
  3. After receiving the card. In the Administration panel \ My Account \ in the Loyalty \ Guests \ section, click New.
  4. In the tab Guest \ Discounts. In the Category of discounts, select the desired discount. If you do not have it, then you need to enter the “Discounts and promotions” section to create a discount there. Then return to the Guests tab and attach the discount.
  5. In the field “Card number” enter the card number (Example: 0001), press “Save“.
  6. On the tablet, restart the program. In the “Sales” section, select the dish and click “Percent“. under the selected dish. Scan qr code – bring our card to the camera, the program will find the guest and apply the discount that we attached to this card. Click the check mark and pay
  1. Put the tablet on charging for about 1 hour.
  2. At the same time, press the “Turn on” and “Volume down” buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  3. After that, you will see a menu with Chinese characters or English symbols on the screen. Select the last item (the sensor in this menu does not work). You can go down to the last item using the “Add sound” button.
  4. Easily without superfluous pressing it is necessary to press the button “Inclusions of a tablet”. The tablet will reset the counter and turn on.

Android Bluetooth Thermal Printer 58mm
Citizen CT-4000
Datecs FP320 с КЛЭФ
Datecs FP101 Smart
Epson TM-T20II Lan
GlobalPOS RP80
POS H-58 Bluetooth
Posiflex 6800L
Posiflex 6900L
Posiflex PP-7000-II LAN
Posiflex pp-8000L
Sam4s GIANT-100
Sams4 ellix50 Ethernet
SPARK PP-2010.2A
SPARK-PP-2058 L (2LW)
TYSSO (Fametech) PRP-300
Xprinter C2008 Bluetooth
Xprinter C2008 Lan\Wifi

In fact, the list of printer models (for both Android and iPad) working with the program is much broader than that presented in the list, printers that are not included in the list of supported

If there are many mobile POS-terminals (tablets) which are working in the establishment

You can view the list of devices connected to the cloud in the Administration panel\Settings\Licenses and Payments.

Click on the button located to the right of the field title “Amount of licenses on devices”.

Devices are included automatically in the list when connecting to the cloud.

If required, you can select specific devices from the list to be connected in compliance with the number of devices licenses.

  • To switch connection from one device to another, you will have to remove the flag from the first device and set it for the second one.
  • To delete a device from the list, click on the Recycle Bin button.



Working with a list of tablets connected to the cloud | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Printing categories will allows you to organize preparation tickets printing at the site (kitchens, shops, bars).  For example, you can define to print orders for meat dishes only on the printer installed in the kitchen and to print orders for complicated cocktails in the bar.

To create and configure Printing categories and preparation tickets:

  • Go to the Administration panel: Products\Printing categories and create Printing categories for each printer installed at the site (kitchens, shops, bars)
  • Then go to the Administration panel: Products\Products and dishes\…Dish… \Print.Category and specify the appropriate printing category for each dish, for example:

Products\Products and Dishes\…Dish… «Chicken Kiev»\Categories\Print.Category: «Printer in the kitchen», 

           Products\Products and Dishes\…Cocktails… «Blueberry Martini»\ Categories\Print.Category: «Printer in the Bar»

To configure your printer, go to the Administration panel: Settings\Printers\Create
• Specify your printer’s name, for example «Bill (guest check) printer» or «Printer in the meat shop».
• Choose your printer’s model
• Specify an IP address for your network printer
You can set your printer’s IP address by using a special utility supplied with the printer.

The IP address must be on the same network as the tablet.

After you finish working with the printer’s settings on the tablet, you have to sign out and then sign in once again to the application.

To print guest checks, choose your printer in Settings\Establishments\Printer: «Bill  (guest check) printer».
To print preparation tickets (kitchen checks), specify the appropriate printing category for each dish.

For example, if you need to print orders for dishes on the printer installed in the kitchen and for cocktails in the bar:
 Products\Products and Dishes\…Dish… «Chicken Kiev»\Categories\Print.Category: «Printer in the kitchen»,

 Products\Products and Dishes\…Cocktails… «Blueberry Martini»\ Categories\Print.Category: «Printer in the Bar»

You can find the list of available printers (network, bluetooth and usb) in the printer’s card: Administration panel\Settings\Printers\Printer type field.

Actually, the list of printers models (both for Android and iPad) working with the program is much larger than the list present in the printers card.

To check the compatibility of a new printer, send us the name of its model

Yes, the full version of the application is available for iPad.

The following are minimum requirements to successfully install and run our Program:

* OS Android version 2.3 and upper
* iOS (for iPad)

For convenience of use, we recommend to use tablets having a minimum 10-inch screen.

Our application allows working both with USB barcode scanners connected to the tablet via a cable and with Bluetooth scanners.

SmartTach POS technology offers you the possibility to work in the Mobile Application on the tablet even without Internet but in this case keep in mind the following particularities:
* Once you run the application on the tablet, the status of the directory (tables with settings) will correspond to the last synchronization with the Cloud.

* During this period of offline work, all products supply requests as well as the information about sales will be accumulated on the tablet.

* Documents exchange between the tablet and the Administration panel will be executed automatically as soon as the Internet connection becomes available

* Nevertheless the Internet connection is absolutely mandatory during the first launch of the Mobile Application on the tablet.