Using INCUST cardless loyalty system (Instruction)

  • for customers— a single access system to all their discounts and bonus points in the retail outlets and establishments
  • for business– a convenient tool to work and to communicate with regular customers, to attract new customers and to make individual offers for them.

Description of InCust cloud based system

Being integrated with InCust cloud based system, SmartTouch POS mobile terminal allows accumulating bonus points awarded for purchases and redeeming them in the form of discounts.

Watch our video tutorial depicting how to apply discounts when customers are paying for orders.

To start using InCust, you need to take the following steps:


1. Create a register on the web site https://b.incust.com/terminals

2. Link your InCust account to SmartTouch POS cloud. In the section of the mobile POS-terminal \Settings \Incust, fill in the fields such as Register login, Register password, Phone prefix (for example, “+380”, “+79”)

3. In the section of the mobile POS-terminal\Sale, create an order and click on the Pay button. In the dialogue box, choose “Add an inCust customer

4. Identify customer using one of the following methods:

  • Identify customer by phone number— fill in the Phone number field in the dialogue box.
  • Identify customer by QR-code on the plastic card— click on the Scanner button and proceed to scan the QR-code on the plastic card using the smartphone
  • Identify customer by QR-code in inCust mobile application. Click on the Scanner button and proceed to scan the QR-code in the inCust application using your smartphone. The card number must be previously registered in inCust system.
  • Identify customer by the plastic card number. Click on the Card button and input the card number.
  • Identify customer using inCust Steward, the application for wait staff. Click on the Steward code and input the code which was generated in the mobile application.

5. Get customer’s details— click on the LoginPad and this will pull automatically all information about customer (using inCust LoginPad self-identification system.)

6. Check if customer’s details are correct. If the information isn’t valid, you may have made a mistake. Try again – click on the Choose another customer or on the highlighted inCust icon below the check. If everything is correct, click on the Pay button.

7. Redeem bonuses. If the user wants to redeem the accumulated bonuses, input the number of bonuses to be redeemed in the Redeem bonuses field.

8. Using coupons and certificates— click on the Use coupons, certificates to add or to use coupons.

9. To confirm an operation — click on the Execute operation button

When redeeming bonuses, an SMS is sent to the customer with a one-time PIN code. Input this PIN code in the appropriate field and click on the Execute operation button.

You will see the final screen displaying the information about the executed transaction. To return to the regular operation mode, click on the OK button.

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