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Integration settings for SmartTouchPOS and UrbanPiper

1.You should register and gain access to administration panel of UrbanPiper https://api.urbanpiper.com/portal/. In the section “Store” you should add your store for online shore UrbanPiper.

2.Value of the field “Merchant ref ID” of the store at UrbanPiper should be filled with the value of the field “pos_id” from SmartTouchPOS http://en.smarttouchpos.eu/common/pos


Click the Modify button:


3. Get from the administrators of UrbanPiper token for access.

(an approximate kind of a token biz_adm_pos_OkjfuepRZgxG:cc25b9109e0545d76dadc4bb130bad7ffe83903b)


4. Configure the integration in SmartTouchPOS http://en.smarttouchpos.eu/common/integration. The received token is saved in the Access Token field

In the fiеld “Webhook callback login”  select the user’s login, which will be used to enter webhooks at SmartTouchPOS. Press the button “Generate webhook token” and get “UrbanPiper webhook token” (for example: dG9rZW46NWVmYmI4NWMtZTE3Mi00NjJjLWE3ZGQtODllMDA4MjY1Nzdl).

5. Setting up webhooks in the administration panel of UrbanPiper in the section “Webhooks”.
You should to configure two webhooks: the first for orders exchange and the second for order sates exchange.
Address of the webhook for orders exchange for all SmartTouchPOS users is
http://en.smarttouchpos.eu/webapi/urban_piper_v1/urbanorders/ .
Address of the webhook for order sates exchange for all SmartTouchPOS users is
http://en. smarttouchpos.eu /webapi/urban_piper_v1/urban_piper_order_status_update_webhook

The previously generated token should be added to the section “Custom Headers” of the webhook settings in the field “Authorization”
(in our example: dG9rZW46NWVmYmI4NWMtZTE3Mi00NjJjLWE3ZGQtODllMDA4MjY1Nzdl).

6.Carefully fill the hierarchy of product groups in section “Products/Price list items” (http://en.smarttouchpos.eu/dictionary/menu) button “Create group” administration panel of SmartTouchPOS. These will be categories (groups) in the online store UrbanPiper. Next, pass the names and the hierarchy of product groups to the UrbanPiper administrators. They will create categories on their online store.

7.Followthelink URL https://api.urbanpiper.com/api/v1/order/categories/ to receive product categories (groups) in json form. This data contains the “id” of each category (group).

8.Transfer received “id” of category (group) to the field “External code” of the groups in “Products/Price list items” section (http://en.smarttouchpos.eu/dictionary/menu).


9.In the “Products/Price list items“of the pricelist of the outlet, you can set the price on the tab “Urban piper” and set the checkbox to send this item to UrbanPiper

10.Make export positions that will be sold through the online storeUrbanPiperWhen exporting, do not forget to select the necessary “Price list” and “Outlet“. You can check the unloaded items in the UrbanPiper administration panel in the section “Ordering/Items” and at your online store at UrbanPiper.11. You should create an tax to link it with tax from UrbanPiper and two products: “Delivery Charge” and “Packaging Charge” to link them with extra charges from UrbanPiper. Linking are performed on the page http://en.smarttouchpos.eu/common/external_programs_setup 12.You should create a discount with free sum for outlet.


13. Integration is ready. For order exchange you should make a test order at your online store at UrbanPiper.