Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen

Holidays are usually the busiest days of the calendar year for the establishments. And the mobile technologies are able to considerably simplify the staff’s job during these high-traffic dining days. Increasing number of guests won’t create workload for waiters. Now all guest will know if their ordered dishes are ready from the big screen in the restaurant room and waiters will get this information from the screen of the SmartTouch POS mobile terminal.


Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen | фото 1 | SmartTouch


How the system of orders service works


Orders’ registration in the «Sales» screen 

Waiters register all orders in the «Sales» screen of the mobile POS terminal. Besides dishes’ designations and quantity, waiters can also specify the appropriate set of modifiers in the «Sales» screen as well as indicate visitors’ needs as to the dishes preparation. Once the orders are accepted, the waiter gives a preparation ticket to the visitor(s) where the order number and the list of dishes are printed.


The «Kitchen» window to confirm orders’ completion (or cancelation) by the cook


The «Kitchen» window is literally an automated work place of the cook. The information about placed orders is displayed in this window. The cook gets the order’s information on his tablet: what kind of dishes to be prepared, the list of their modifiers to be used and the clients’ wishes as to the preparation of dishes. Once the dishes preparation is completed, the cook clicks on the «Production completed» button to confirm the operation. In special cases (for example, if some rare ingredients are missing), the cook can cancel the order (the «Production canceled » button).


Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen | фото 2 | SmartTouch


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How the waiters can monitor the orders completion in the «Kitchen» and «Completed orders» screens


The waiters can track the information about orders completion on their tablets by using one of two screens:


  • Kitchen— this screen provides full information about dishes and requirements as to their preparation
  • Completed orders— this screen provides brief information about orders completion

Unlike the «Kitchen» screen, the «Completed orders» screen displays the number of the completed order without providing any further details about it. Just after the order being completed, a bright red square is displayed accompanied by a sound effect.


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How the clients can track the completion of their orders using the «Completed orders» screen on the big monitor


The guests can track the completion of their order by its number (printed on the preparation check) on the big monitor installed in the restaurant room. New orders are highlighted in green during first 20 seconds. And all prepared orders will remain on the screen during half an hour.


Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen | фото 3 | SmartTouch


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How to get the «Completed orders» screen to display on the monitor


To display the screen on the monitor, you will need one of the following devices on which the Mobile POS-terminal can be launched:


  • A personal computer with OS Windows. You can download the software for it from here…  The monitor or TV can be connected via HDMA interface or VGA by using the appropriate cable.
  • A large screen tablet, for example for small restaurant rooms you can choose Samsung Galaxy View T-677 18.4 inch, with FullHD.


The «Completed orders» screen should be displayed on the device. The tablet user right to «Access the kitchen window » should be enabled. You can find how to set up tablet users rights here .


The «Completed orders» screen is available in any subscription packages for SmartTouch POS, — to use an additional device, you will need to purchase the «Additional tablet » license.


For those who have just learned about SmartTouch POS


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