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The Tables map window of the Mobile POS Terminal

You can use the Table map window to create tables’ layouts in the restaurant rooms.

The information about orders is displayed on the table-shaped items, namely:

  • Wait staff name or the order created by guests via electronic eMenu
  • The order’s date
  • The order’s amount

Depending on the order’s status, the tables may be highlighted in:

  • Blue — there are no orders
  • White – the order is accepted and ready for kitchen check printing
  • Light blue — the order is ready for guest check printing

Green — the order is ready to be paid for



When clicking and then holding the «Table», a context menu will be displayed. It contains additional options allowing working with the order:

  • New order— this option enables to go to the screen of a new order selling
  • Order №... — this option enables to go to the screen of the related order selling

To switch between restaurant rooms, click on the room’s name at the top of the window.


If you created a comment on the order in the Sales window, it will be displayed in the list of orders:



Creating and editing tables of the restaurant room

To switch the window to the editing mode, click on the pencil icon button.


Clicking on the + (Plus) icon button located at the bottom right corner will help you to create a new table.

Fill in the «Table number» field and drag the table to the appropriate place on the room plan.

If you need to modify the dimensions and proportions of the table, just click on the button located at the bottom right corner of the table. In the dialogue box, use the horizontal and vertical sliders to change the table’s dimensions. Then confirm the changes by pressing the green button in the dialogue window. If you press the red button, this will discard the previously made changes.

To delete the table, click on the button located at the top right corner of the table.

To save changes made to the tables map, click on the «Pencil» button.