The Closed orders screen of the Mobile Application

The Closed orders window displays the list of orders (left side of the screen) and order content (right side of the screen).

When you move up and down the list of orders, their content changes accordingly and only the content assigned to the selected order is shown.

The Closed orders screen of the Mobile Application | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Here you can execute the following operations:

* to return an order by using the Return button;

* to open a closed order for modifications by using the Open closed order button. If you open an order, you have to specify a reason of its opening (Orders reasons are kept here)

Once you open an order, it will be moved from the list of closed order to the list of open orders.

If you tap the  button, the following operations will become available:

* Reprint Guest check – allows you to reprint a guest check (bill).

* info on Order- allows you to get information about the current order.



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