Splitting an order

Orders can be split by rearranging order items or a separate order can be created for each customer.


Call dialogue separation of the order:

– from window “Open orders” – in the press in a table cell “Open orders” and choose the menu option ‘Separation of the order”

– from window “Sales” – press the button Splitting an order | фото 1 | SmartTouch and select the menu option “Separation of the order”


To select a table where part of the order should be moved, tap the button Splitting an order | фото 2 | SmartTouch.

A dialogue box will be displayed requiring to input a restaurant room and its table:

Splitting an order | фото 3 | SmartTouch

Once you have selected a table, proceed to dispatching dishes between the orders.

On the left side of the screen you can see the items of the order being split, and on the right side the order which all these dishes will be added to.

Splitting an order | фото 4 | SmartTouch

Simply use arrows to move dishes between orders.

When ordering meals accounted matching dishes for guests in the window division order the indication guest rooms and additional controls allow you to quickly divide order

Splitting an order | фото 5 | SmartTouch


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