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Loyalty, promotions and discounts POS

The order of discounts in the list of mobile POS-terminal is configured using the “Sorting order” in the Administration Panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and Actions.

The higher the value of the “Sort Order” field, the earlier the discount or the offer will appear in the list of the mobile POS – terminal


The reasons for applying the manual discount are used to control and subsequently analyze the use of manual discounts.

The reason list is registered in the Administration panel \ the Settings \ Reasons for applying manual discounts.



In the Administration panel \ Settings \ Accounting policy \ Ask for reason on manual discount apply, you set the sign of the request.


When you apply a manual discount in a mobile application, a dialogue pops up about the need to select a reason.


Creating a promotion such as “Seventh Coffee for Free”, for example, creating the 3rd tomato juice for free. The cost of juice 5. When selling 3 juices, the discount should equal 5, and the amount to pay 15 – 5 = 10.

  1. Create Promotion “Seventh Coffee for Free”. Admin panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and Actions button “Create”

Fill in the fields:

  • Name: 3rd tomato juice for free
  • By percent
  • Percent: 100
  • Promotion “Seventh coffee for free”
  • Enabled
  • Product Category: Juices
  • Number of the free item: 3

Button “Save”


2. Check the application discount on your tablet: in order to make the dish “tomato juice” in the amount of 3 servings.



3. Press the “Discounts”



4. Press the “Guest Choice” button. Select guest:



5. Confirm the use of the discount to the guest in the dialog box:

6. Pay for order 10 with discount 5



  1. Send a letter to the technical support service at SUPPORT@SMARTTOUCHPOS.EU
    Specifying in the letter of your login and password from the admin panel, as well as the number of required cards. (For example us1234 pass 3245, please provide the code for generating 100 cards).
  2. You will receive the code: (Example: с6666n0001- с6666n0100). Where c6666n 0001 is the first card in your list, accordingly with6666n0002 this will be the second card in your list and so until the last card from 6666n0100 in our cases is the 100th card.
  3. After receiving the card. In the Administration panel \ My Account \ in the Loyalty \ Guests \ section, click New.
  4. In the tab Guest \ Discounts. In the Category of discounts, select the desired discount. If you do not have it, then you need to enter the “Discounts and promotions” section to create a discount there. Then return to the Guests tab and attach the discount.
  5. In the field “Card number” enter the card number (Example: 0001), press “Save“.
  6. On the tablet, restart the program. In the “Sales” section, select the dish and click “Percent“. under the selected dish. Scan qr code – bring our card to the camera, the program will find the guest and apply the discount that we attached to this card. Click the check mark and pay

1.Manual Discount by QR code
2.Automatic discount per time for a group of products
3.Automatic discount per product category
4.Promotion 2nd drink for free
5.Automatic discount on all products except for a particular group

  1. Bonus System
  2. Accumulative discounts for guests

The Guests window displays the list of standing customers and allows to:

  • keep records of guests and their contacts
  • control justification of a discount offering
  • check card holders against their photos
  • keep records of standing guests’ preferences


Use the application’s main menu to go to the Guest window.