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Configure POS terminal

The order of discounts in the list of mobile POS-terminal is configured using the “Sorting order” in the Administration Panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and Actions.

The higher the value of the “Sort Order” field, the earlier the discount or the offer will appear in the list of the mobile POS – terminal


Our company is interested in expanding our product to all countries of the world without limitations. And one of the barriers to this expansion may be the absence of the required language in the user interface. Please contact our support service support.en@smarttouchpos.eu if the available languages are insufficient and you need our product to be adapted in some other languages. We will do our best to make the program available in your native language as soon as possible.

To change the user interface language in the Administration panel, open the dropdown list situated in the upper right corner of the screen

Bills count is a new accounting method which was specially designed to work more effectively with cash payments and to control more sorely the cash drawer balance based on recording the number of money bills.

The accounting per bills prevents operator’s errors when calculating the payment amount and ensures proper cash drawer management.

The operator of the POS terminal receives cash and proceeds with recording the number of bills and their denomination by using POS terminal.

The program will automatically calculate the amount of the given cash and then will show how many change to give back to the customer.

At the closing of the business day or at the end of a cashier’s shift, you will be able to track the counted number of bills through the report.

This mode should be set up individually for each establishment on the Administration panel \ Settings \ Establishments \ Settings

  • Use new payment mode — enables the mode of bills count
  • Use payment in cash in the order payment (it will be active only if the previous option was selected) – enables the mode of bills count when customers pay for orders
  • Use payment in cash at the closing of a cash register day – enables the mode of bills count at the closing of a cash register day

Description of the payment process, taking into account the bills with the help of a mobile POS terminal

Portrait orientation of the user interface is designed for convenient operation on devices with a portrait screen layout, for example, a smartphone.

Currently, this mode is only available for the Android OS.

Switching the orientation of the POS terminal interface is done in the Settings \ Interface \ Orientation section



Window for entering the PIN-code:

Main menu:

Open orders:

Enter the number of guests and the number of the table:


Order window, choice of dishes:

Order menu:




Payment for the order:

Acces permission of a Mobile application user depends on his\her assignment to a certain Local group of users.
In the Administration panel: Access\Tablet Users

Specify a corresponding group in the card of a local user.
If necessary, create a new local group of users or modify the settings of the actual one in the Administration panel: Access\Users Groups.

1. Connection settings


This screen allows to:

  • Set up a connection string. Specify web.smarttouch.com.ua:300 in the IP address field
  • Display the establishment administrator’s login (demoen) on the button which was used to log in to the application.
  • Call the establishment administrator’s authorization dialog box.

2. Service modes settings



This screen allows you to:

  • Set an extra charge for restaurant guests serving
  • Set a period during which the order is considered as a new one
  • Manual cash day change – Set the mode of cash register shifts (manual, automatic)
  • Enter guest quant/ for new order – Display the query by guests number for a new order
  • Close prep.tickets on kitchen after payment
  • Reset reports settings to zero (reset additional settings of some reports to zero)
  • Add product when searching by barcode – turns on the mode of automatically adding goods to the order when scanning the barcode
  • Set the type of payment default – setting the most frequently used form of payment, in case of a mismatch of the type of payment, the cashier will choose manually to automatically set the payment type or require that it be entered manually
  • Use frontal camera – switch the tablet to work with the front camera for scanning bar codes or photographing guests
  • Show modifiers in the order – enable the mode of work with modifiers to take into account the wishes of guests when preparing dishes
  • USB scanner emulates keyboard
  • Used USB scanner is used – connect an external scanner via USB to the tablet
  • Always open the modifier dialog – a foreground display of the modifiers accounting dialog
  • Zero orders number each new day – a new sequence of guest check numbers is started every day starting from one
  • Allow inventory creation after cash day is closed – allows you to prohibit or allow inventorying during the shift
  • Set the last order number – from which to start working
  • Set the max order number – sets the numbering of checks starting from one when the specified value of the check number is reached

3. Interface settings



  • Install mobile application languages and to determine the font size
  • Lock the screen after payment
  • To show the remains of a warehouse in the section Warehouse applications, parishes, travel documents, and inventory write-offs (the value of the remaining quantity of the goods appear on the menu button on the stock)
  • Display comments in the tabs with orders
  • Open the window of the table map when you start the mobile POS terminal
  • Show price in the section warehouse




4. Synchronization settings


It allows to:

  • Set a frequency of data exchange with a cloud
  • Set orders storage duration on the tablet
  • Set requirements for data exchange after closing an order

5. Check printing settings


Here you will be able to set inscriptions content on the check.

Formatting inscriptions on the guest check. Using the symbol ^ can break up the text “basement” on several lines.

In the “Number of copies of a check” you can specify the number.

Print the signature line – adds a line to sign a guest check
Print item number – number print position of the ordered dishes at the guest check


6. Database settings


It allows to:

  • Send the tablet’s database to the support service
  • Create a database backup copy
  • Restore a database backup copy
  • Clear test orders