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Staff and salary

Accounting personnel and salaries made in the Administration panel \ Staff

Use Employees and Payroll, you can switch the screen between the list of employees and payroll list.


To account for the new employee, click Create

The employee discount card, you can fill in the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Surname


On the Main tab

  • Person Id
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Tax Code



After filling out the employee data, click Save

Accounting information on salary

the card personnel Pay slip, determine the criteria by which the salary will depend on:

Monthly rate – the amount paid by the employee for the month worked
Daily rate – the amount paid by the employee for the day spent
Hourly rate – the amount paid by the employee for 1 hour worked. employee work time is taken into account automatically
Percentage from sales – percentage of total employee sold






If you set a daily rate and \ or the percent from sales for the calculation of the amount of wages is necessary to establish a correspondence between the employee and the tablet user. To this end, the tablet user card Administration Panel \ Access \ Users tablet install the appropriate name in the Employee





To generate information on payroll, click Payroll.

With the calendar, set the billing period.

In the drop-down list, select Employee Name and Surname employee

Click the Search button. As a result, the screen will display a form with performance reporting employee wages and detail the amount charged



Time tracking

Use the time tracking tool if you need to automate your employees’ payments based on actual time spent on labor.

All information on working time is recorded in the Time sheet document.

There are 2 available options to keep records of an employee’s hourly wages:

  1. Automatic: accumulated information on an employee’s registration time in POS-terminal on the tablet is recorded in the Time sheet.
  2. Manual: the user makes records in the Time sheet about an employee’s working time by himself.




To ensure proper tracking of an employee’s time, it is essential to:

Create a Time sheet document in the administration panel: Employees \ Time sheet, click on the Create button

Choose an employee from the Employees list

Set date and time of the calculation period in the Date of beginning and Date of end fields

Get automatically the actual time that the chosen employee spent on labor, click on the Fill button

If you fill in the document manually, you have to input all time periods in the table, it will be the employee’s work sessions.

Click on the Add a row button will create a new row in the table to take into account only one work session.

Since there could be several work sessions, it is necessary to create and fill in the appropriate number of rows in the document.

In the table’s new row, input the employee’s date and time of work in the columns Date of beginning and Date of end.

In the Establishment column, specify the establishment name where the employee works at.

You can correct automatically filled rows.

Once the rows are filled, click on the Save button to save your document.

Having prepared the Time sheet, you can payroll in the Payroll section.  The result of hourly wage component will be displayed in the special section “Charged “Hourly rate””.


Withholding from wages

The program allows you to keep a record of payroll deductions (penalties) in the Administration panel \ Staff \ Salary withholding





To create a payroll deduction, click the New button.

Fill out the required information:

  • Created date
  • Employee
  • Establish
  • Sum
  • Comment


The amounts of deductions made in the section Staff \ Salary Withholding are automatically deducted from the salary of employees

The program allows you to calculate premiums to employees by selling employees of certain categories of goods (products).

To calculate the allowance, you can use two methods:

  • calculation based on the percentage of goods sold in a certain category (Percent of sales)
  • calculation based on the number of goods sold in a certain category (Amount from the sold quantity)


The percentage of sales by category is set individually for each employee in his card (section of the Administration panel \ Staff) on the Percentage of sales by categories tab.

To enter a percentage of sales – click the Add line button, select the Sales category and set the Percentage.

After entering the percentage of sales – save the information – click the Save button.

If the employee has a total Percentage of Sales (on the Salary tab) and the Percentage of Sales by Category is not set, the total Percentage of Sales will be included in the payroll calculation.



The amount from the sold quantity by categories is set individually for each employee in his card (section of the Administration panel \ Staff). To adjust the premium on the Payroll tab

set the Sum from Prod. quantity.




In the appeared tab Amount from prod. number, enter the amount of the premium for the sold item of a certain category:

– Click the Add line button, select the Sales category and set the Amount from Prod. count.

After entering the list of categories and allowances – click the Save button

To add a new user, go to the Administration panel: Access\Tablet Users\Choose an Establishment Administrator\Create and  enter the following information in the user’s file:
• Name:  user’s name
• Group: Local groups of users
• Password: PIN-code (use only digits)

If necessary, you can set a convenient order (sorting) the display of folders and buttons with items on the tablet. For example, set the list of items at the beginning of the list of items that are most often sold.

The order of elements of the price list for the Product Group is determined using the “Sorting order” field in the Administration panel: Products \ Price elements \ Group card (folder)

The order of elements of the price list for the Goods is determined using the “Sorting order” field in the Administration panel: Products \ Price elements \ Product card \ Main

To set the order, you must fill in the “Sort Order” field for all price items (menus). It should be taken into account that the greater the value of the field the lower the list it will be displayed in the menu on the tablet

Work shift report

Designed to control cash discipline, help avoid erroneous operations and abuse of personnel

  • Date Start Time
  • End Time
  • Hours
  • Tablet User


Salary calculation

Information for the calculation of wages

Report parameters:

  • Reporting period: Start date, End date
  • Employee – to limit the report to details of the selected employee. If the Employee parameter is not specified, the report is generated for all employees
  • Working hours in detail – enable / disable detailed work of employees by time