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Loyalty system, discounts

Report by bonus points displays information for the specified date range.

It contains the following columns: Name and Surname, card number, received bonus points, spent bonus points, order number.

Administration panel Reports: Reports of the Loyalty section | фото 1 | SmartTouch


Consolidated report by discounts for a specified date range with filtering by establishment.

It contains the following columns: Discount (designation), percent of a discount, discount amount.


Administration panel Reports: Reports of the Loyalty section | фото 2 | SmartTouch


Detailed report by discounts displays information for a specified date range and allows to filter by establishment.

Columns: Order number, Order status (Open/Closed), Establishment, Created by (waiter, salesperson), Guest, Discount (designation), percent of a discount, discount amount, order amount.


Administration panel Reports: Reports of the Loyalty section | фото 3 | SmartTouch

Orders by partial payments

Designed to control debt arising from deferred sales

Administration panel Reports: Reports of the Loyalty section | фото 4 | SmartTouch


Start Date, End Date – determine the period when the debt is incurred

Outlet –  is a filter at the institution where the debt arose

Past due accords – show debts that are overdue.


Export Loyalty Reports to MS Excel

Reports can be exported as spreadsheets in MS Excel. To export after you generate the report, click Export to Excel. The .xlt report file will be downloaded to your computer. You can continue to run the report in any spreadsheet that supports this format (for example, in MS Excel)

  • for customers— a single access system to all their discounts and bonus points in the retail outlets and establishments
  • for business– a convenient tool to work and to communicate with regular customers, to attract new customers and to make individual offers for them.

Description of InCust cloud based system

Being integrated with InCust cloud based system, SmartTouch POS mobile terminal allows accumulating bonus points awarded for purchases and redeeming them in the form of discounts.

Watch our video tutorial depicting how to apply discounts when customers are paying for orders.

To start using InCust, you need to take the following steps:


1. Create a register on the web site https://b.incust.com/terminals

2. Link your InCust account to SmartTouch POS cloud. In the section of the mobile POS-terminal \Settings \Incust, fill in the fields such as Register login, Register password, Phone prefix (for example, “+380”, “+79”)

3. In the section of the mobile POS-terminal\Sale, create an order and click on the Pay button. In the dialogue box, choose “Add an inCust customer

4. Identify customer using one of the following methods:

  • Identify customer by phone number— fill in the Phone number field in the dialogue box.
  • Identify customer by QR-code on the plastic card— click on the Scanner button and proceed to scan the QR-code on the plastic card using the smartphone
  • Identify customer by QR-code in inCust mobile application. Click on the Scanner button and proceed to scan the QR-code in the inCust application using your smartphone. The card number must be previously registered in inCust system.
  • Identify customer by the plastic card number. Click on the Card button and input the card number.
  • Identify customer using inCust Steward, the application for wait staff. Click on the Steward code and input the code which was generated in the mobile application.

5. Get customer’s details— click on the LoginPad and this will pull automatically all information about customer (using inCust LoginPad self-identification system.)

6. Check if customer’s details are correct. If the information isn’t valid, you may have made a mistake. Try again – click on the Choose another customer or on the highlighted inCust icon below the check. If everything is correct, click on the Pay button.

7. Redeem bonuses. If the user wants to redeem the accumulated bonuses, input the number of bonuses to be redeemed in the Redeem bonuses field.

8. Using coupons and certificates— click on the Use coupons, certificates to add or to use coupons.

9. To confirm an operation — click on the Execute operation button

When redeeming bonuses, an SMS is sent to the customer with a one-time PIN code. Input this PIN code in the appropriate field and click on the Execute operation button.

You will see the final screen displaying the information about the executed transaction. To return to the regular operation mode, click on the OK button.

The order of discounts in the list of mobile POS-terminal is configured using the “Sorting order” in the Administration Panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and Actions.

Setting the order of discounts in the list of mobile POS-terminal | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The higher the value of the “Sort Order” field, the earlier the discount or the offer will appear in the list of the mobile POS – terminal


Setting the order of discounts in the list of mobile POS-terminal | фото 2 | SmartTouch

The reasons for applying the manual discount are used to control and subsequently analyze the use of manual discounts.

The reason list is registered in the Administration panel \ the Settings \ Reasons for applying manual discounts.


Reasons for using a manual discount | фото 1 | SmartTouch


In the Administration panel \ Settings \ Accounting policy \ Ask for reason on manual discount apply, you set the sign of the request.


Reasons for using a manual discount | фото 2 | SmartTouch

When you apply a manual discount in a mobile application, a dialogue pops up about the need to select a reason.


Creating a promotion such as “Seventh Coffee for Free”, for example, creating the 3rd tomato juice for free. The cost of juice 5. When selling 3 juices, the discount should equal 5, and the amount to pay 15 – 5 = 10.

  1. Create Promotion “Seventh Coffee for Free”. Admin panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and Actions button “Create”

Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’ step-by-step instruction | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Fill in the fields:

  • Name: 3rd tomato juice for free
  • By percent
  • Percent: 100
  • Promotion “Seventh coffee for free”
  • Enabled
  • Product Category: Juices
  • Number of the free item: 3

Button “Save”


2. Check the application discount on your tablet: in order to make the dish “tomato juice” in the amount of 3 servings.


Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’ step-by-step instruction | фото 2 | SmartTouch


3. Press the “Discounts”


Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’ step-by-step instruction | фото 3 | SmartTouch


4. Press the “Guest Choice” button. Select guest:


Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’ step-by-step instruction | фото 4 | SmartTouch


5. Confirm the use of the discount to the guest in the dialog box:

Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’ step-by-step instruction | фото 5 | SmartTouch

6. Pay for order 10 with discount 5

Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’ step-by-step instruction | фото 6 | SmartTouch



  1. Send a letter to the technical support service at SUPPORT@SMARTTOUCHPOS.EU
    Specifying in the letter of your login and password from the admin panel, as well as the number of required cards. (For example us1234 pass 3245, please provide the code for generating 100 cards).
  2. You will receive the code: (Example: с6666n0001- с6666n0100). Where c6666n 0001 is the first card in your list, accordingly with6666n0002 this will be the second card in your list and so until the last card from 6666n0100 in our cases is the 100th card.
  3. After receiving the card. In the Administration panel \ My Account \ in the Loyalty \ Guests \ section, click New.
  4. In the tab Guest \ Discounts. In the Category of discounts, select the desired discount. If you do not have it, then you need to enter the “Discounts and promotions” section to create a discount there. Then return to the Guests tab and attach the discount.
  5. In the field “Card number” enter the card number (Example: 0001), press “Save“.
  6. On the tablet, restart the program. In the “Sales” section, select the dish and click “Percent“. under the selected dish. Scan qr code – bring our card to the camera, the program will find the guest and apply the discount that we attached to this card. Click the check mark and pay

Bonus adjustment is used to enter the initial amount of bonuses, correct mistakes in calculating bonuses on the client’s account.

Work with adjustments occurs in the Administration Panel \ Loyalty \ Advanced \ Bonus Correction

To create a correction, click Create.

In the dialog box, fill in the fields:

  • Outlet
  • Guest
  • Bonuses
  • A comment

Bonus correction | фото 1 | SmartTouch


Click the Save button.

1.Manual Discount by QR code
2.Automatic discount per time for a group of products
3.Automatic discount per product category
4.Promotion 2nd drink for free
5.Automatic discount on all products except for a particular group

Deferral of payment allows you to postpone part payment for an order for a certain period.

Deferral of payment can be granted only to guests registered in the Administration panel \ Loyalty \ Guests

In the Guest card on the “Credit” tab, specify the number of grace days to be paid.



To apply deferred payment when paying on a mobile terminal, click the button in the context menu select the “Guests” option and in the guest list that appears, specify the Guest name to which you want to postpone the payment.



In the dialog for entering the amount of the payment, indicate the partial amount to be paid.


To control debts, use the Administration panel \ Loyalty \ Orders with partial payments

The Loyalty programs are located in the Administration panel\Loyalty\Loyalty Programs.

Toggle the radio button to select one of three Loyalty Programs:

  • Bonus points: this option provides the possibility to pay with accumulated bonus points. The rewards percentage depends on how much it was spent to purchase certain products.
  • Accumulation discounts for guests: this option defines the reduction rate depending on the accumulation, i.e. on the total amount of all purchases performed by guest.
  • Personal discounts for guests: this option defines the discounts assigned to the guest’s personal card. Personal (club) cards and reduction rate assigned to them are managed in the Administration panel\Loyalty\Guests or in the section Guests of the Mobile application

Settings of the bonus system

To set up the rewards percentage, products categories and other conditions depending on which the purchase amount is accumulated, go to the Administration panel\Loyalty\Discounts and promotions.

To set up the threshold of the accumulated amounts, go to the section Loyalty Programs

  1. Select the Bonus points radio button
  2. In the displayed row, click the Add a row button
  3. Select a discount in the dropdown list. To create a new discount (promotion), go to the Administration panel\Loyalty\Discounts and promotions
  4. In the Accumulation threshold field, specify the amount required to grant bonus
  5. Click the Save button

Thus you will be able to create a threshold grading list for rewarded points, for example:

  • A  3% discount will be offered to new guests starting from their first purchase of any product (threshold = 0)
  • And 5% discount will be offered as soon as the guest spend 1000 hryvna on products.

The program will automatically track the accumulated amount and offer to pay with bonus points.

For example:

  1. Create two discounts in the Administration panel\Loyalty\Discounts and promotions :

           name: “ Bonus rewards 3% at the start” , percentage: 3, radio button: bonus points.

           name: “Bonus rewards 5% ” , percentage: 5, radio button: bonus points.

  1. Create two thresholds of bonus points accumulation in the section Loyalty programs\Bonus points:

           For the discount Bonus rewards 3% at the start , the threshold is 0 hryvna.

           For the discount Bonus rewards 5%”,  the threshold is 1000 hryvna.

Set the switch “Do not add bonuses in an order where there is a bonus spending” to prevent bonuses when they are written off.

Guests’ accumulation discounts settings

  1. Check the radio buttonAccumulation discounts for guests
  2. In the displayed line, press theAdd row button
  3. Select a discount from the dropdown list. You can create new discounts in theAdministration panel\Loyalty\Discounts and promotions
  4. In theAccumulation threshold field, enter the amount which the selected discount must be applied to
  5. Press the Save button

In this manner you can create a list of various discounts having various thresholds scale, for example:

  • Discount for new guests = 3% with threshold  1000  hryvna
  • Discount for regular customers = 5% with threshold 10000  hryvna
  • VIP discount = 10% with threshold  100 000  hryvna

The updated percent of discount will be applied after launching the automatic operation of recalculation at 12:00 a.m.

The program will automatically track the amount of guest’s accumulated purchases and apply the corresponding discount


To set up discounts, go to the Administration panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and promotions.

Discounts and Promotions | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The main settings are in the Main tab:

  • Nameis the name of a discount, for example Products discounts for Mother’s Day

There are also several options allowing to set up conditions when the discount is applied.

  1. By percent option means the percentage of sales
  2. By fixed sum means an amount of money defined by the seller
  3. By free sum means that the sum will be defined randomly by the seller
  • For the Fixed sum you have to specify the money equivalent of the discount in the Sum
  • If By percent option is selected:

—  you can switch between Manual and Automatic (in the form of radio buttons), and thus the discount percent will vary depending on the product’s regular price during selling

 — if you enable the Bonus system option, the percent of rewarded bonus points will depend on the purchases amount


Discount \ promotion type:

  • Manual means that the discount will be applied manually. A waiter (a seller) can apply the discount at his own discretion
  • Automatic means that the discount will be applied automatically when the discount conditions are met
  • Bonus system means that bonus points will be awarded depending on the accumulated amount spent on specific products
  • Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’is a typical promotion allowing to offer a free dish if the client has already purchased the specified number of the dish from the same category
  • Enabled means that the discount is activated and therefore it is valid
  • Use schedulemeans that the discount will be applied according to the schedule specified on the «Schedule» tab.

The schedule defines the valid period of the discount, time and days of the week.

The schedule is valid both for automatic and manual discounts.

  • Prioritydefines the order in which valid discounts will be applied, especially when several ones are effective for the same check and they cannot be combined. Thus, the program will select and apply a discount with a higher priority. To set the priority, use digits. The higher the number, the higher priority you get for the discount.
  • Is additiveallows adding the discount value to the values of other currently valid discounts and therefore a combined discount will be applied.
  • Class categorydefines a product’s category which will be subjected to a discount. The product’s category is specified in the product’s card.
  • Affects on the item in guest checkdefines the reference number of a product (in descending order of price) which the discount will be applied to. The discount is valid only if all the products are in the same check.
  • Portion number which will be freedefines the reference number of a product (in descending order) which will be offered for free if the option Promotion  ‘Seventh coffee for free’ is enabled.

For example, if you set the discount rate as 100% off every third item, the discount will be applied to the third item with the lowest price

Price-list groups values tab. This tab will allow you to set another discount for the specific groups. For example, if you have already entered 10% off and you don’t want it to be applied to all items of the groups Supplements and Cocktails, go to the Price-list tab, specify these two groups and set their discount value to 0%.

QR code tab will allow you to download the discount’s code, to print it or to send it to clients by e-mail. On the tablet, the cashier will be able to read this code with the camera and the discount will be applied automatically (according to the rules of the discount application specified in the card). Moreover, you can disable the cashier’s permission to enter the discount manually while leaving the only option of QR codes scanning.


Loyalty programs are created and configured in the Administration panel\Loyalty Programs

The Loyalty\Guest section of the Administration panel allows working with the list of guests

To work with guests in the Mobile application, go to the “Guests” window


You can limit the extent of the discount to one establishment. To do so, you just need to select its name in the Establishment field.

If the option «Do not show on tablet» is enabled, the discount won’t be displayed in the mobile application and therefore it won’t be visible for the operator (waiter, cashier). As a rule, this option is used for the discounts automatically applied.

Discounts and Promotions | фото 2 | SmartTouch

You can find the Guests list in the Administration panel, the section Loyalty\Guests.

As a rule, regular establishment’s clients are immediately included in the list of guests as well as the clients who are to be attracted to special offers.

When working with the list, you will be able to:

  • keep guests’ records and their contact data
  • keep records of the cards given to the clients
  • check the accuracy and appropriateness of the offered discount
  • verify the identity of the presenting card bearer with photo
  • keep records of regular clients preferences
  • classify clients according to guests categories
  • make collective changes to the fields such as Guests category and Discounts category

The Guests list of the Administration panel is automatically synchronized with the Clients list of the mobile POS-terminal on the tablet.

The list can be also filtered by Name, Surname, Phone number, Card number, Postal address, month and year of birth.

In the guest’s card you can find the History section. Use it to track the consistency of discounts used by the guest.

Tracking Guests in the Administration panel | фото 1 | SmartTouch

While applying the collective processing of items, you will be able to set the value of the fields Guests category and Discounts category for all specified Guests.

The selection criteria for such guests are Guests category and Discounts category.

The criteria’s values are set in the section Choose which fields and their values you wish to use as the criterion for the group selection.

To call the window of the collective operation, click on the button and choose the option Collective processing of items.

Tracking Guests in the Administration panel | фото 2 | SmartTouch

In the section Choose which fields and their values you wish to use as the criterion for the group selection, there are fields Guests category and Discounts category. Use these fields to set the criteria’s values for the selection of guests whose categories you wish to change (the processing will be made only for these guests).

To indicate which field is to be used as the selection criterion, set the appropriate checkbox to checked and choose the appropriate value from the dropdown list.

To specify a new value of the field, set the appropriate checkbox to checked and choose the value (from the dropdown list) in the section Choose which fields you wish to change. If the checkbox is unchecked, the value of the field won’t be modified.

Click on the Perform button to update the values.

A product category offers an additional possibility to group products on your own.

If you allocate your products to categories, the report will generate lines according to them (Reports\Sales per products\Report type: By products categories).

For example, the report has generated a line where Products column value is equal to Dishes for breakfast, so this line will include all sales of Scrambled eggs, Salad, Tea from different products groups.


Let’s suppose that you need to estimate the efficiency of dishes selling that are made for breakfast and lunch.

So, we offer:

Scrambled eggs, Salad and Coffee for breakfast

Soup, Petty cake and Compot for lunch


Step 1. Create the appropriate groups of products for Dishes for breakfast and Dishes for lunch using the Create button in the Administration panel: Products\Products categories. In the Name field, input your category designation “Dishes for breakfast”. Tap the Save button to save your new category in the database. Proceed in the same way to create a new category for Dishes for lunch.


Step 2. Assign each dish to its category. To do this, go to the Administration panel: Products\Products and dishes find the Scrammbled eggs dish and tap the Modify button. The product card will be opened. In this product card, go to the Categories tab and set the Product category field to Dishes for breakfast. Proceed in the same way for other dishes, in our case it’s Salad, Coffee, Soup, Petty cake and Compot.   


Step.3 Produce a report in the Administration panel\Reports\Sales by products.

In the fields, specify the following:

«Start date» «End date», these fields are intended to indicate the desired selling period.

«Report type», in this field we specify By products categories.

  1. Bonus System
  2. Accumulative discounts for guests

The Guests window displays the list of standing customers and allows to:

  • keep records of guests and their contacts
  • control justification of a discount offering
  • check card holders against their photos
  • keep records of standing guests’ preferences


Use the application’s main menu to go to the Guest window.


Mobile application’s Guests window | фото 1 | SmartTouch