SmartTouch Boss Reports

SmartTouch Boss – mobile application designed to display the performance of the enterprise in real time.

The application is free and installed on the smartphone of the owner or manager of the enterprise.

You can install the latest version for the Android SmartTouch Boss on the Google Play Market, iOS version can install Apple iTunes

SmartTouch Boss contains the following reports:


Indicators of sales at the current moment. The report appears at the start of the mobile application and displays the basic performance of the enterprise.


In order to change the billing period (from which date to which data to output), use the “Date” batton.

To select other reports (cash, sales by type of payment, sales by type of goods), press the menu button BossMenu


Cash report

Displays basic indicators of the cash day for the billing period (Date from – Date to):

Date and time of opening and closing the cash desk
Balance at the time of opening
Amounts: sales, withdrawals, incoming / outgoing payments, final balance


Suspicious actions

You can view the journal of suspicious actions of personnel for the period (Date from – Date to). For example, find out why the waiter canceled a guest check:


Sales by type of payment

This is an analytical report that helps assess the methods of payment for institution services (Date from – Date to). For example, you want to determine how much cash went through the checkout in 10 days. Output a report on the types of payment Cash and find out how many people paid in cash for this period:


Sales by goods

With the help of this report you can determine the popularity rating of dishes and drinks (Date from – Date to):



Sales by hours

With this report, you will be able to determine the time of the largest influx of visitors and so-called. “Dead” clock.


In the future on “dead hours” you can plan various actions to attract visitors – for example, discounts from 11 to 14 hours – 5%, for regular customers – 10%. How to create a database of regular customers without bonus cards, see here.



Sales by employee

The report represents the sales figures Number of checks, Discount, Number of products, Sales amount, Average check in two modes:

By staff
By users of the mobile terminal

Sales by Room and tables

The report represents the sales figures Amount of guests, Sales amount during the period

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Open orders

The report provides information on open (unpaid orders)

Company name
Order #
Created(Time) – Date, time of creation
Sum – Amount
Discount amount

List of products in the order: Name, Quantity, Sum

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