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Setting up Tablet users groups (mobile POS terminal) on the Administration panel


All users are initially assigned to certain Tablet Users Groups. After that, they are granted permissions according to their group.

User access settings are applied after restarting the POS-terminal mobile application on the tablet.


Users access settings changes are applied when the mobile POS-terminal is restarted on the tablet.


As a rule, you can create the following groups:

Administrators — these are users who organize and manage work of the establishment. Administrators can be granted rights to set up POS-terminal, to manage other users’ rights, to view reports.

You can grant all access rights to the «Administrators» group.


Waiters — these are users who create and serve orders. Waiters should have rights to create orders and accept payments. In some cases, the function of payments for orders can be transferred to other staff categories, for example to Cashiers, for the purpose of controlling the process.

For example, you can grant the following rights to the «Waiters» group:

  • Access to the sales window
  • Right to accept payments
  • Right to delete items in the order
  • Right to apply manual discounts
  • Access to open orders


Warehouse employees — these are users who make requests for supply of products and production, receive products into a warehouse, carry out a write-off action.

For example, you can grant the following rights to the «Warehouse employees » group:

  • Access to requests for products
  • Access to products inventory
  • Access to goods receipt


Cashiers — these are users who accept payments, perform operations of cash deposit and withdrawal.

For example, you can grant the following rights to the «Cashiers» group:

  • Access to all orders
  • Rights to accept payments
  • Access to order return
  • Access to sales window
  • Right to delete products in the order
  • Access to reports
  • Access to cash register
  • Deny viewing of the X report before closing the day


Finances, analytics, bookkeeping — these are users who make payments and work with financial statements.

  • Access to reports
  • Access to closed orders

To create a new group on the administration panel, go to the section Access \ Tablet users group and tap on the Create button.

In the tab «Edit users groups», specify the group name and select the appropriate checkboxes to enable the available users features.

The Rights tab:

  • All orders access— enable to view orders created by other waiters (users) of the establishment
  • Requests access— enable to work with requests for supply of products in the establishment Menu: Warehouse \ Requests
  • Access to sales— enable to work in the Sales screen. Menu: Sales
  • Order return— enable to perform operations related to order return Menu: Closed orders \ Return button
  • Right for make payment— enable to accept payments Menu: Sales \ Pay button)
  • Inventory access— enable to perform inventory Menu: Warehouse \ Inventory
  • Allow to delete products in the order— enable to delete items of the order which have been previously specified. It is used to ensure the segregation of duties, for example, waiters only add dishes to orders while administrator of the restaurant room makes adjustments and payment Menu: Sales \ Delete products in the order
  • Access to closed orders— enable to view previously closed orders without modifying them. MenuClosed orders
  • Deny viewing of the X report before closing the day – report on the tablet before the manual close of the cash day
  • Tablet reports— enable to generate reports Menu: Reports
  • Admin functions access— enable users to work in the «Settings» section of the main menu and with items of the References menu
  • Cash operations— enable to carry out cash operations and operations related to fiscal register Menu: Cash
  • Allow to use manual discounts— enable the user to apply discounts on his own when selling products Menu: Sales \ Discounts button
  • Create new order after payment— enable to create automatically a new order after payment Menu: Sales
  • Goods receipt access— enable to work with receipt papers Menu: Warehouse \ Products Arrival
  • Hide orders with Cash misc 2— orders having the payment attribute «Cash misc 2» won’t be available in the «Closed orders » So, users groups won’t be able to view them
  • Open closed orders— enable to open and modify previously closed orders. Menu: Closed orders


The Restaurant tab

  • Access to kitchen window— enable to view the Kitchen screen Menu: Kitchen
  • Right for check cancellation— enable to cancel a guest check before payment
  • Right to delete an item after prep. ticket is printed— enable to delete previously created items of the order after a preparation ticket has been printed
  • Access to open orders— enable to work with open orders Menu: Sales
  • Right for printing guest check— enable to print guest checks Menu: Sales