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Sales screen of the Mobile Application

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The Sales screen can be called from the program menu or from the list of closed orders.

On the left side of the screen there is a list of ordered dishes.


 To create a new order, use the Create button.

On the right part of the screen, you can see a hierarchical menu of products (dishes). Items of the Products (dishes) menu are sorted according to the order defined in the Administration panel: Products\Price list items under the buttons with products groups’ designations.

To add new items (products, dishes) to an order, tap the corresponding buttons with products designations.  Above the hierarchical menu there are Modifiers, Popular and Search buttons simplifying the search of required products.

If you need to adjust the quantity of the ordered dishes, simply use the buttons + (plus) or – (minus).


The Preparation tickets button allows you to launch printing of the ordered dishes on kitchen printers installed at the site.

The Guest Check button launches a guest check (bill) printing for a guest.

The Payment button calls a dialogue box requiring a payment input so you can complete the order payment operation.

“Confirm payment” – opens the payment input dialog after which the payment order transaction is completed.

In the dialog is available:

  • Choose the type of payment (cash, Bank card, etc.)
  • Check printing
  • Comment on payment will be printed on the check

While working with orders, you can use the following management elements

If you need to switch the window amongst orders, use the horizontal scroll bar located at the upper left of orders items list.



This button allows accessing operations to work with orders:

  • Delete order
  • Change table
  • Transfer to another waiter
  • Split order
  • Comment to the order line (comment will be printed on an opposite in the form of a recommendation to the preparation of the product, such as “roast is not strong, not salt”. Also, the comment will be displayed in the “Map of tables” window in the list of table orders)
  • Сomment to the order (comment will be printed on an opposite in the form of a recommendation to the preparation of the whole order, for example, “Prepare the client in a hurry as soon as possible”. )



This button calls a dialogue box allowing to apply a discount


This button displays additional information about an order