Restaurant staff management: mobile POS solutions

Every day the restaurant manager needs to solve multiple tasks.  They include control of the establishment’s work activities, ongoing motivation, training of the employees.

Mobile POS-systems are used for more productive management. They reduce daily routines and help to focuse on the key performance indicators. These KPI are sales revenue, increase of the average check amount and of the visits frequency. Find out how to manage restaurant staff on mobile devices.


POS-management standards

POS-systems (Point-of-Sale) work on any gadgets with OS Android or iOS. The administration panels are available for managers both on the mobile and web version.

Mobile applications for restaurants and cafes enable:

— to evaluate and to coordinate the establishment’s daily operations in general and by areas;

— to manage the chain of points of sale on site or remotely in 24-hours mode.

— to make a decision faster and more accurately because the tablet or the smartphone is always within your reach – in the office, at home or when you are away.


Workplaces & interface

The automated POS-system for the staff management is a part of the restaurant automation ERP/CRM-system. It supports two types of workplaces:

  • The POS-terminal   for the wait staff, the sales staff and the cashiers – it is responsible for getting and processing orders as well as for inputting and outputting products and money.
  • The Administration panel — accounting and analytical space for managers and book-keepers.

The improved interface makes the work with the terminal and the administration panel yet more easy and user-friendly. POS-applications are 50-150% more efficient than huge, impersonal Excel databases and other table-based forms of accounting.


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POS-software capabilities

Mobile applications used in restaurants and cafes are designed to capture and exchange data inside your business. Data exchanging takes place between the employees and the terminal or administration panel.

In addition, POS software:

  • enables HR recordkeeping and also charges fees based on the specified procedures;
  • monitors accuracy, productivity and integrity of each employee;
  • produces analytical reports and sends them to the administrator’s device.

Tab-and-paper times

In the recent past, HR managers and bookkeepers have been engaged in exhausting paperwork like keeping employee records, their personal files, work schedules and payroll.   However the latest staff management solutions allow:

  • Storing personal data in digital personal files — name, surname, postal address, phone numbers.
  • Customizing the access level to the client service system and to the system of storehouse and cash register management.
  • Transfer each employee’s data from the personnel record card to the time-sheet, statement or to the terminal of orders processing and to the analytical reports.
  • Tracking employees’ timetables, charging fees based on certain patterns – by rate, by shifts, by piece rate and bonus pay rates, etc.

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Employee performance evaluations are very helpful but require a lot of time and efforts. Furthermore, the manager has to go to the restaurant rooms or to the kitchen to control the quality of work, thus distracting from other ongoing tasks. His working day becomes longer and longer. He has fewer days off and cannot even dream about going away on holidays.


Change or die: way of improvement

Fortunately, there are mobile applications which are specially designed to help restaurant owners in their everyday undertakings. They monitor automatically the quality of client service, the cash register and storehouse discipline:

  • accuracy and time of ordering;
  • number of payments for orders;
  • revenue, average check per shift and per month;
  • offered discounts;
  • suspicious actions.

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Administrator can control the staff even when he is at home or when he is away on business trip or on holidays. At the end of the month the staff management program will display the contribution of each employee to the establishment’s income.


Mobile POS-system: 5 additional advantages

  1. All information is stored on the cloud-based service. This technical solution allows the restaurant owner to avoid additional expenses on his own servers.
  2. Wi-Fi or GPRS communication assures data exchanges between devices. If any problem occurs with one of the channels, you can always use another one. Even if there is no Internet connection at all, this won’t stop the establishment work. Because all stored data will be immediately synchronized as soon as the connection is restored.
  3. It takes just 1 day to learn how to use POS-applications. The initial learning takes about 15 minutes. The rest of the day is dedicated to the information input, customization, checking the interaction of employees and workplaces.
  4. The software supplier provides some help in training for the staff and in solving technical issues. You won’t stay one-on-one with unexpected difficulties.
  5. Free trial gives you opportunities to evaluate the software. Pay attention to it’s compatibility with the tasks of your business. The restaurant staff and managers will be able to learn all ins and outs in practice. Thus, the decision of implementing this management system will be well-balanced and sound.

Powerful employees motivation can significantly increase the profit of your business.  POS systems, will help you find out how fast the order is made. You’ll always know an amount of the daily revenue. Besides, you will be able to offer justified rewards and incentives to employees.

Automate your business, motivate your stuff and increase your income!

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