Restaurant chain management on mobile devices

Innovative mobile applications are successfully used in restaurant chain management of multi-located outlets.  Simple & intuitive POS-system on Android or iOS platform helps to manage your points of sale quickly and coherently.


Mobile POS features: what’s leading

The applications of the system are to be installed on the mobile POS-terminal, laptop, tablet or smartphone. One single program maintains all establishments of the chain and provides custom access settings. In the shortest time you have opportunity to  reduce undesirable costs while getting more income.

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The key feature is that all devices are connected to the cloud server. It works wherever there is Internet. This reliable technical solution allows the chain’s owner to save both on purchase costs and maintenance of his own servers.

Business status information is available from anywhere in the world and in real time. The system provides immediate reply in a flexible and useful way, since it is displayed in the form of tables, charts or diagrams.

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Instant and detailed reports 24/7

Are you the restaurant chain manager? Request detailed or consolidated reports at any time. Specify a particular date and time range by clicks. After 2-3 seconds analytics data will be on the screen:

  • consolidated financial report of restaurants
  • an amount of consolidated proceeds
  • supplies and sales in chain etc.

Watch how KPI’s are changing by hours, days, weeks or even by seasons. Evaluate how each point of sale, department and employee contributes to chain profitability. Drive employees motivation, detect problems timely and reduce the efficiency of branches.

View data of each point of sale on your gadget, laptop or PC. Express reports are also displayed in the mobile application for the boss.


Warehouse in multi-locations

In each warehouse, products movement is continuously tracked by items. Every time the order is taken, data about used and remained products are updated.

The central warehouse supplies products to every point of sale regularly. It uses automatic recommendation about minimal available stock per product category.


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The POS-system sums up the data from various establishments of the chain. Every point of sale (café, restaurant) applies the request to the central warehouse, where the supply manager sends orders to contractors.

Changes in customers flow depend on the season or on the day of the week.  Receive this data from POS application, integrated to your business. Plan your purchases, make beneficial contracts and use money more efficiently.


How to switch restaurant chain management on mobile 

Choosing the right software version could be a daunting task. It should be one that is easy to use in the local business. In addition, you shouldn’t forget about budget matching. Test the software’s features and evaluate its advantages on free trial .

It will take you just a day or two to deploy the system and to train your staff. At your request, the provider will offer you technical and consulting support services. Once you deploy and evaluate the trail version, choosing an appropriate tariff will be easy to do.


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