Product card

You can find a product card in the Administration panel\Products\Products and dishes.

We use the Products term as a general name for Goods, Ingredients, Dishes, Convenience food and Services.

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Name is a product’s name. Several names in different languages can be input at the same time.  To change the current input language, click the button

Products can be assigned to previously created Groups for ease of reference. For example, Hot dishes, Beverages and so on

Product card fields are intended to specify:

  • Type:
    • Products means a common product that you can buy or sell. The product doesn’t have a recipe. It can be an ingredient of a dish or of convenience food. After the product is sold, its quantity is automatically written-off by the “Products writing-off” document.
    • Ingredients are components of dishes or convenience food. Ingredients are not displayed on the tablet because they are supposed to be not for sale. If you need to sell ingredients, set the Type=Product in the Products card.
    • Dish are made of Products and Ingredients (Chicken Kiev and Blueberry Martini cocktail) and they are for sale. Dish components are defined on the Recipe tab. All Dish’s components are written-off immediately after sale by the “Food services production” document. If the Dish is a part of another Dish or Convenience food, its components will be also written-off. To add some additional information about the dish preparation, you can use the text field in the Product card \ Cooking technique tab.
    • Convenience food is the same thing as the Dish. This category is created to make distinction between dishes and convenience food more easily.
    • Services are intangible products which can be bought and sold. But buying or selling a service doesn’t generate any warehouse movements.

Fields values of the product card

Tab “Main”:

  • Group is the name of the group that the product belongs to.
  • Barcode is the code to be scanned. Using the barcode scanner, you can significantly simplify the process of choosing a product during selling operations and warehouse management. A code indicated on the product package can be used as a product code. If there is no code, for example on dishes or beverages, you can generate it. To generate a new unique code, you should click the arrow button situated to the right from the Barcode On the picture above, both the field and the button are marked by a blue frame.
  • Description gives detailed information about products. You can keep description records in multiple languages. To change the input language, use the button
  • Selling price variable allows modifying the price depending on different conditions.
  • Products sold by weight determines whether you need to input the weight of goods being sold or not. This weight field can be used both for food and beverages. Work with weighted goods is described in the section Weighted goods. Work with PLU
  • Production storehouse is the storehouse where the dish is prepared.
  • Taxes defines whether a dish’s products are liable to tax.
  • of shrinkage shows the product’s weight loss during storage or cooking.
  • Last receipt price displays the last price of the product according to the receipt documents

Tab “Sell price”:

  • Price-list displays the menus’ names for which the price is valid.
  • Price is the price of products being sold according to the Price-list (Menu). This is the price for an item of the basic measurement unit. Different menus can have different prices.
  • Enabled adds products to the corresponding Price-list (Menu) of the tablet.

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Calculation of the product’s price according to the extra charge rate

Click on the Calculate sell price button and input your extra charge rate in the displayed dialogue box.

The program will automatically calculate the selling price and display it in the Sell price field.

Tab “Meas.units” (Measurement units)


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  • Basic meas.unit defines the measurement unit which will be referenced to every time you need to recalculate the alternative units using the conversion rate.
  • Meas.units used to record products arriving represents the list of options to recalculate in basic measurement unit with due allowance for the conversion rate. It is generally used to recalculate the number of recorded goods in different packages.
  • Min.qty for auto request defines the number of products to be ordered automatically after the stock limit is reached. This functionality works only if the auto-creation of limits requests mode is enabled. To enable the auto-creation mode, use the switches Create automatically a product request for items having reached the minimum acceptable stock and Create automatically a product request for items which stock is less than the recommended one in the section Settings\Accounting policy

Tab «Categories»


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  • Print cat. determines the location where a preparation ticket will be printed, for example, the kitchen where the dish will be prepared.
  • Extra print cat. determines an additional location to print a preparation ticket, for example, the kitchen where the dish will be prepared.
  • Fiscal Group defines a fiscal group for tax accounting.
  • Product category defines a dish’s category, for example, a dish for breakfast
  • Classifier
  • Organization allows linking products to enterprises of different forms of ownership.
  • General modifier means that the product is the modifier available for all dishes.
  • Vendor code / Article (previously Vendor code or External code) is the code used to link products with the third-party systems.


Tab “Recipe”

The Recipe tab provides the list of ingredients and their amount in dishes.

Recipe is used as a base to calculate the cost price of a dish.

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Data about each product – ingredient are entered in the table line by line:

  • Product — ingredient
  • is the required amount of a product (ingredient) to prepare a dish
  • net is the required amount of a product (ingredient) to prepare a dish
  • Price is the net amount of a product (ingredient) without its packaging which is required to prepare a dish
  • Cost price is an automatically calculated value based on the information about product (ingredient) purchase

If you click the Calculate cost price button, the program will automatically refresh the next values:

  • Cost price
  • Sell price
  • Extra charge.


This tab provides a text field with preparation instructions.

Tab «Nutritional value»

This tab provides nutritional values which you can use as guidance on food intake and balanced nutrition for your clients. Using the program, it is possible to keep records about carbs, fat, proteins and calories in dishes.

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The Nutritional value tab displays information about content of fat, protein, carbohydrate and calories.

Nutritional values are calculated automatically by the program for mixed or multi-ingredient dishes.

Dishes’ nutritional values are recorded on the basis of the dish’s recipe. All products and ingredients contained in the dish are listed in the recipe.

Nutritional values of products and ingredients are to be entered in advance in their cards.

If the dish’s components are modified, its nutritional values will be recalculated after clicking on the Calculate cost price button of the Recipe tab.

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Preliminary in the cards of the product of products and ingredients of the ingredients of the dish, it is necessary to take into account the nutritional values characteristic of them.

The recalculation of nutritional values after updating the ingredients of the dish, occurs when you click Calc. cost price on the Recipe tab.


Tab «Photo»

This tab allows uploading, modifying or deleting a product’s photo. Products photos are displayed in the mobile application, in the Sales and Storehouse sections. If you need to keep several photos of a product, for example to make a slideshow for the electronic menu, use the function Add images to products selection menu in the section Administration panel \ Products \ Price list items

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