Price / Menu of outlet

Any merchant should work with the Price or the menu Menu (for the public catering).

Menu items are created based on the list of products and can have details different from the corresponding elements of other menus or products.

The program allows you to keep a simultaneous account of several menus with a different set of products, different prices and other characteristics. In this case, only one menu can be used in the institution. The operative switching of the menu in the outlet takes place in the Administration panel \ Settings \ Outlets \ Basic \ Price

Price / Menu of outlet | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Goods \ Elements of the price list – filling the Menu (price list with elements)


Price / Menu of outlet | фото 2 | SmartTouch

List of elements The menu (price list) is a hierarchical structure of the folders in which the elements are located.

The hierarchical structure of the menu (prices) created by you will be reflected accordingly in the sales window of the mobile POS terminal.

Creating a new Menu (Price) manually:

in the Administration panel create a new price:
• Goods \ Price click the Create button
• Fill in the created by Price products:
Goods \ Price elements – select a new Price next button Create Group, Create Item

Fill in the card the details of the price element

Price / Menu of outlet | фото 3 | SmartTouch

Fill the Price list (Menu) in based on the products list

• Set a new price for the institution: Settings \ Outlets … Name of the institution … \ button Change \ Price field

Export price elements to Excel – click the button Export to Excel

Price / Menu of outlet | фото 4 | SmartTouch

The table of the downloaded file should have the following form:

Price / Menu of outlet | фото 5 | SmartTouch

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