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Orders (Sales) created in the Mobile Application on the Tablet are visible in the Administrator’s Panel in the Orders section.



The list of applications can be limited by the date of creation using the Start date, End date filter.



When you click the down arrow on the Search button, additional order selection criteria are available:

  • Order Id
  • Comment
  • Outlet
  • Created By
  • Table
  • Payment type
  • Class categories
  • Taxes
  • Products and production
  • Only opened
  • Delivery


Initially, the order table has columns: Order number, Status, Table, Institution, Amount, Extra charge, Discount, Created, Closed, Comment

If you click on the order line, additional information about the order’s composition will appear: Name, Quantity, Amount.

When you click the Open button, the order card is displayed


To view the payment order history, go to the Payments tab



If you click on the Export to Excel button, the program will offer to perform one of three actions:

  • Export to Excel; upload the filter list to the Excel spreadsheet
  • Export to Excel – orders for all time – download the list of applications to the Excel spreadsheet with no time limit
  • Order Items – download a detailed list of orders, ordered dishes, payments, and all information related to orders to an Excel spreadsheet. This list is convenient for carrying out in-depth analysis and building arbitrary reports using Excel.

Symbol indicates  orders that require delivery to the consumer. Double-click on the delivery symbol to open the list of delivered products.

The set the Delivery flag, allows you to set a filter that allows you to display only orders associated with delivery.