The usage of Modifiers. Groups of Modifiers


Modifiers are additional Products (Ingredients) or Services, which can be applied to make Dishes.
Modifiers may be provided as:

  • An additional Product or Ingredient (like, for example, sour cream or jam for pancakes). In this case, the «Type» field should contain the «Product» value. The required quantity of the product-modifier will be written-off from the storehouse when the Dish is sold.
  • Services or notices,for example, «Serve hot». A kitchen printer will print a «Kitchen check» with a service designation on it. In this case, the «Type» field should contain the «Service» value.


To manage Modifiers, go to the Administration panel: Products\Modifiers.

Proceed to the following steps to add modifiers on the Tablet:

  • Add a dish to the order (or select an already added one)
  • On the Modifiers tab, add modifiers available for your dish.


There are two types of modifiers:

  • General modifiers are available for all dishes. In that case, the «General» flag should be checked.
  • Special modifiers are available only for certain dishes. These special modifiers are specified in the dish card.

In the modifier card you can find the «Price» field which provides additional cost of the dish due to the modifier usage.

The Mandatory selection of modifiers flag being checked allows not to lose the assignment of one of the modifiers when ordering or making a dish


Groups of modifiers

The usage of Modifiers Groups helps to simplify the process of assigning modifiers to dishes when you are building up a menu and starting sales.

As a rule, each dish has its own set of modifiers. A specific set of modifiers is called the Group of modifiers and it is recognized on the Administration panel in the Products\Groups of modifiers section.

In the Group of modifiers you can specify the minimum and maximum quantity of modifiers’ selected positions when ordering and their display order in the menu on the tablet.

Q-ty of free modifiers – determines the number of modifiers that will be released free of charge, depending on the order of their order, despite the fact that they set the price.


The usage of Modifiers. Groups of Modifiers | фото 1 | SmartTouch


To create a group modifier list, click the “Add row” button.

In the new line, select the modifier from the drop-down list, specify its cost. To save a new line item, press the green button in the line

The binding of the modifier to the group and the dish takes place on the Administration panel in the Products section \ Price elements \ Item card \ Modifiers tab in the modifier table in the Modifier group field


To associate a modifier with the group or a dish, go to the Administration panel, then to the section

Products \ Modifiers groups and clicl  Set to items buttonThe usage of Modifiers. Groups of Modifiers | фото 2 | SmartTouch

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