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Mobile Apps

Given its universal scope, ease of use and applied cloud technologies, BonusMe will help visitors to find your establishment and stay with you as long as possible

Help choosing an establishment

  • By using a smartphone, BonusMe application users can make a virtual tour of your city’s cafés and restaurants, take a look at the menu, restaurants environment, get information about opening hours, location and rating of each establishment.
  • BonusMe will help to make sense of current promotions and discounts, to check accumulated bonuses in each point of food service.

Electronic menu in the smartphone

  • When visiting a café or a restaurant, BonusMe users can use their smartphone as an electronic menu thus they will be able to choose, to order and to follow up dishes preparation process.  If they wish, they will be able to make a preorder in your establishment by specifying time when they will arrive and dishes to be prepared.
  • BonusMe application will be also helpful for remote food ordering and its delivering home or to offices.

BonusMe working together with POS-terminal

  • BonusMe application is integrated in the cloud based sales system SmartTouch POS. That’s why the staff works with smartphone requests as easily as with common orders.
  • Once an order is placed in BonusMe, it will be automatically transmitted on the waiter’s tablet in the SmartTouch POS application. The waiter processes the order or sends it to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Guests, if they wish, can follow up all stages of the order preparation on their smartphone.

SmartTouch POS and BonusMe loyalty system

  • When paying for the order, bonuses will be automatically granted to the client (according to the loyalty system settings in SmartTouch POS) and discounts will be applied as well.
  • To simplify the decision making as to the choice of an establishment, BonusMe will display all preferences granted to the client.


The mobile application for clients BonusMe displays news of your restaurant or café in the start screen.  How to post news?

1) In the Loyalty section on the administration panel, create a post “Establishment news”.  It includes data, title and content:

News is displayed in the start screen of BonusMe as a date and title.

2) To read the content, click on the news title.

In order to use the mobile application “Electronic menu” eMenu and BonusMe in your outlet, you must set the “Integration with SmartTouch eMenu or BonusMe” switch in the Administration panel \ Settings \ Outlets \ Outlet card \ Settings

The “Do not show in the electronic menu, BonusMe” option in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Price elements \ The menu item card allows you to disable the display of the price element in eMenu and BonusMe