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Mobile Apps

The SmartTouch POS software package allows you to organize the work of several partner companies under one brand.

Accounting of partners is carried out in the section Administration Panel \ Partners

Naturally, in order to receive reports of several enterprises at once in SmartTouch BOSS, the user needs to enter logins for each enterprise.

The mobile application allows you to save all logins in order to quickly switch between enterprises.

Saving multiple user accounts | фото 1 | SmartTouch

To register a new account, click the + button and enter the username and password

A new line item will be added to the list of accounts

To connect to a new account, click on the necessary line and confirm the change of the current account

SmartTouch Boss – mobile application designed to display the performance of the enterprise in real time.

The application is free and installed on the smartphone of the owner or manager of the enterprise.

You can install the latest version for the Android SmartTouch Boss on the Google Play Market, iOS version can install Apple iTunes

SmartTouch Boss contains the following reports:


Indicators of sales at the current moment. The report appears at the start of the mobile application and displays the basic performance of the enterprise.


In order to change the billing period (from which date to which data to output), use the “Date” batton.

To select other reports (cash, sales by type of payment, sales by type of goods), press the menu button BossMenu


Cash report

Displays basic indicators of the cash day for the billing period (Date from – Date to):

Date and time of opening and closing the cash desk
Balance at the time of opening
Amounts: sales, withdrawals, incoming / outgoing payments, final balance


Suspicious actions

You can view the journal of suspicious actions of personnel for the period (Date from – Date to). For example, find out why the waiter canceled a guest check:


Sales by type of payment

This is an analytical report that helps assess the methods of payment for institution services (Date from – Date to). For example, you want to determine how much cash went through the checkout in 10 days. Output a report on the types of payment Cash and find out how many people paid in cash for this period:


Sales by goods

With the help of this report you can determine the popularity rating of dishes and drinks (Date from – Date to):



Sales by hours

With this report, you will be able to determine the time of the largest influx of visitors and so-called. “Dead” clock.


In the future on “dead hours” you can plan various actions to attract visitors – for example, discounts from 11 to 14 hours – 5%, for regular customers – 10%. How to create a database of regular customers without bonus cards, see here.



Sales by employee

The report represents the sales figures Number of checks, Discount, Number of products, Sales amount, Average check in two modes:

By staff
By users of the mobile terminal

Sales by Room and tables

The report represents the sales figures Amount of guests, Sales amount during the period

SmartTouch Boss Reports | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Open orders

The report provides information on open (unpaid orders)

Company name
Order #
Created(Time) – Date, time of creation
Sum – Amount
Discount amount

List of products in the order: Name, Quantity, Sum

SmartTouch Boss Reports | фото 2 | SmartTouch

Description and setting of the method: https://smarttouchpos.eu/en/bills-count-accounting-method-of-payments-in-cash/


To pay for order in the mobile application, tap on the Pay button, and if necessary, specify the payment mode Cash.

To make payment in popup window:

Bills accounting: receipt of cash in cashbox | фото 1 | SmartTouch


In the list of bills denominations, specify the values of the bills which were given by customer.

In the Change field, you will see the amount to give back to the customer. If necessary, fill in the Comments field. You can enter, for instance, the numbers of suspicious or high denomination bills. Then, tap on the Pay button to confirm the payment.

eMenu – create a new order

  1. Dishes are located in hierarchical folders.

eMenu – create a new order | фото 1 | SmartTouch


2. To select a dish, click the appropriate button in the menu.

eMenu – create a new order | фото 2 | SmartTouch

3. View and change the selected dishes – the “Order” button.

eMenu – create a new order | фото 3 | SmartTouch


4. Adding modifiers to the dish – the button “Modifiers of the dish”

eMenu – create a new order | фото 4 | SmartTouch


5. Send the order for cooking – button “Checkout”.

6. Tracking the preparation of the order – the value of the “Status” field

eMenu – create a new order | фото 5 | SmartTouch

Established with the help of calendars, the date from and the date for the reporting period determines the time range during which the data is selected to form the report indicators:

Date s is the date and time from which the data falls into the report. If no time is specified, the data is taken from the zero point of the set date.
The date is the date and time that restricts the entry of data into the report. If no time is specified, the data is taken up to 23 hours and 59 minutes of the set date.

Defining Reporting Period Parameters in SmartTouch BOSS | фото 1 | SmartTouch


To set the time of the reporting period, you must rotate the hours and minutes in the horizontal plane in the corresponding fields under the calendar

Holidays are usually the busiest days of the calendar year for the establishments. And the mobile technologies are able to considerably simplify the staff’s job during these high-traffic dining days. Increasing number of guests won’t create workload for waiters. Now all guest will know if their ordered dishes are ready from the big screen in the restaurant room and waiters will get this information from the screen of the SmartTouch POS mobile terminal.


Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen | фото 1 | SmartTouch


How the system of orders service works


Orders’ registration in the «Sales» screen 

Waiters register all orders in the «Sales» screen of the mobile POS terminal. Besides dishes’ designations and quantity, waiters can also specify the appropriate set of modifiers in the «Sales» screen as well as indicate visitors’ needs as to the dishes preparation. Once the orders are accepted, the waiter gives a preparation ticket to the visitor(s) where the order number and the list of dishes are printed.


The «Kitchen» window to confirm orders’ completion (or cancelation) by the cook


The «Kitchen» window is literally an automated work place of the cook. The information about placed orders is displayed in this window. The cook gets the order’s information on his tablet: what kind of dishes to be prepared, the list of their modifiers to be used and the clients’ wishes as to the preparation of dishes. Once the dishes preparation is completed, the cook clicks on the «Production completed» button to confirm the operation. In special cases (for example, if some rare ingredients are missing), the cook can cancel the order (the «Production canceled » button).


Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen | фото 2 | SmartTouch


Read more: Order, comments. Printer or kitchen screen output


How the waiters can monitor the orders completion in the «Kitchen» and «Completed orders» screens


The waiters can track the information about orders completion on their tablets by using one of two screens:


  • Kitchen— this screen provides full information about dishes and requirements as to their preparation
  • Completed orders— this screen provides brief information about orders completion

Unlike the «Kitchen» screen, the «Completed orders» screen displays the number of the completed order without providing any further details about it. Just after the order being completed, a bright red square is displayed accompanied by a sound effect.


Read more: Completed orders in the Mobile terminal


How the clients can track the completion of their orders using the «Completed orders» screen on the big monitor


The guests can track the completion of their order by its number (printed on the preparation check) on the big monitor installed in the restaurant room. New orders are highlighted in green during first 20 seconds. And all prepared orders will remain on the screen during half an hour.


Updates: monitoring of the completed orders on the big screen | фото 3 | SmartTouch


Read more: How to set up access rights to the Mobile terminal. Users groups


How to get the «Completed orders» screen to display on the monitor


To display the screen on the monitor, you will need one of the following devices on which the Mobile POS-terminal can be launched:


  • A personal computer with OS Windows. You can download the software for it from here…  The monitor or TV can be connected via HDMA interface or VGA by using the appropriate cable.
  • A large screen tablet, for example for small restaurant rooms you can choose Samsung Galaxy View T-677 18.4 inch, with FullHD.


The «Completed orders» screen should be displayed on the device. The tablet user right to «Access the kitchen window » should be enabled. You can find how to set up tablet users rights here .


The «Completed orders» screen is available in any subscription packages for SmartTouch POS, — to use an additional device, you will need to purchase the «Additional tablet » license.


For those who have just learned about SmartTouch POS


We provide free trial access to all functions (mobile terminal, administration panel, kitchen window) for new users of our applications.  Take advantage of our management system for cafés, restaurants and bars during 14 days and get a detailed guide on how to automate sales using mobile devices.


Try for free

The mobile application for clients BonusMe displays news of your restaurant or café in the start screen.  How to post news?

1) In the Loyalty section on the administration panel, create a post “Establishment news”.  It includes data, title and content:

News is displayed in the start screen of BonusMe as a date and title.

2) To read the content, click on the news title.

Given its universal scope, ease of use and applied cloud technologies, BonusMe will help visitors to find your establishment and stay with you as long as possible

Help choosing an establishment

  • By using a smartphone, BonusMe application users can make a virtual tour of your city’s cafés and restaurants, take a look at the menu, restaurants environment, get information about opening hours, location and rating of each establishment.
  • BonusMe will help to make sense of current promotions and discounts, to check accumulated bonuses in each point of food service.

Electronic menu in the smartphone

  • When visiting a café or a restaurant, BonusMe users can use their smartphone as an electronic menu thus they will be able to choose, to order and to follow up dishes preparation process.  If they wish, they will be able to make a preorder in your establishment by specifying time when they will arrive and dishes to be prepared.
  • BonusMe application will be also helpful for remote food ordering and its delivering home or to offices.

BonusMe working together with POS-terminal

  • BonusMe application is integrated in the cloud based sales system SmartTouch POS. That’s why the staff works with smartphone requests as easily as with common orders.
  • Once an order is placed in BonusMe, it will be automatically transmitted on the waiter’s tablet in the SmartTouch POS application. The waiter processes the order or sends it to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Guests, if they wish, can follow up all stages of the order preparation on their smartphone.

SmartTouch POS and BonusMe loyalty system

  • When paying for the order, bonuses will be automatically granted to the client (according to the loyalty system settings in SmartTouch POS) and discounts will be applied as well.
  • To simplify the decision making as to the choice of an establishment, BonusMe will display all preferences granted to the client.


Modifiers are designed to take into account the customer’s wishes for prepared dishes and beverages.

e-Menu: working with modifiers | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The client or waiter when ordering a dish using a mobile application selects the modifiers that, together with the order, will be taken into account during cooking.

The list of modifiers is maintained in the Administration panel in the section Goods \ Food and Dish \ General modifiers

In more detail about modifiers: Modifiers usage

If you decided to familiarize yourself with the operation of SmartTouch eMenu in Demo mode:

1. When you start eMenu, in the authorization window, click the “Demo”

2. When launching the mobile POS terminal in the authorization window, click the “Demo input” button, in the next window for selecting the type of enterprise, click the “Demo Restaurant”

Interactive digital menu for restaurants is communication system between customers and an establishment, an easy way to use tablets to accept customers’ orders.How does eMenu work? It’s very simple, read below!


eMenu – electronic menu, how it works | фото 1 | SmartTouch


  1. It takes less time to complete orders
  2. It improves efficiency of waiters work, decreases staff’s load and saves time
  3. It improves order’s accuracy, excludes mistakes when choosing or ordering dishes
  4. Transparent orders accounting mechanism allows excluding orders scam
  5. It increases establishment’s income and profitability



 Clients of the establishment use a tablet with special eMenu software installed on it instead of a common paper menu.


This software will allow customers:


  1. To have a detailed look at the offered range of dishes, drinks and beverages of the establishment. Besides pictures and prices, dish’s information may be accompanied by complementary details such as its popularity, weight, energy value, approximate time of preparation;
  2. To match an order to a certain amount for low-budget customers;
  3. To choose dishes, drinks and beverages for a group of several customers and split them into separate orders by following some specific features, for example, individual payment or one pays drinks for his friends;
  4. To control orders advancement;
  5. To control expenses;
  6. To call a waiter


eMenu – electronic menu, how it works | фото 2 | SmartTouch


Once the customer validates his order (the “Create an order” button), it will become available for further processing on the waiter’s POS-terminal tablet.


eMenu – electronic menu, how it works | фото 3 | SmartTouch


If desired, the waiter has the possibility to edit customer’s orders on the POS-terminal, thus, for example, he can add new dishes or change the ordered ones. Information about such modifications will be automatically updated in eMenu on the customer’s tablet


eMenu – electronic menu, how it works | фото 4 | SmartTouch


Already use SmartTouch POS in your business? To use the mobile application “Electronic menu”, download SmartTouch eMenu, then select the check box Administration Panel\Settings\Outlets\Card\Use SmartTouch eMenu.


New user? Try eMenu for free in SmartTouch POS  Standard Tariff and make your service better!

Setting idle time before the slide show

  • press the (Menu) button  eMenu – Setting idle time before the slide show | фото 1 | SmartTouch  in the upper right corner of the screen
  • set the number of seconds in Delay after which be activated slideshow
  • press Save

eMenu – Setting idle time before the slide show | фото 2 | SmartTouch



1. Setting up a table number
2. How customers can place their orders by themselves
3. Receiving of the order by the waiter
4. Control of the order preparation
5. Switching between orders
6. Calling a waiter
7. Using the Administration panel to manage menu items displaying

The SmartTouch Boss application is designed for cafes, restaurants or points of sale managers.

It will help you to perform sales, payments and staff work monitoring from any corner of the world. Go on holidays and business trips with peace of mind, open cafes and restaurants in other cities or abroad.

SmartTouch Boss will immediately notify you of the amount of average check in your establishment, generate reports by sales, cash drawer and suspicious actions of the staff.

Where SmartTouch Boss can be installed?

You can install the latest version of SmartTouch Boss for Android from Google Play Market , and for iOS from Apple iTunes This application is completely free.

After launching the software for the first time, you will be prompted to sign in with your login and password as the establishment owner.

If you didn’t receive any login and password, you can get them for free on the subscription page.

If you have successfully obtained your login and password, sign into your SmartTouch Boss account.

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 1 | SmartTouch


After having signed in: If you use already the SmartTouch POS automation system, you will be able to make a Daily report.

Thus you will see the current sales values.

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 2 | SmartTouch

To change the dates range (data displaying period), use the Date function. To choose other reports (cash, sales by payment methods, sales by products type), tap the menu button SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 3 | SmartTouch



Those people, who have got demo-access to the SmartTouch POS for the first time, will be able to receive the Daily report as soon as they automate their establishment. To start the automation process, watch our video tutorial. After inputting products and starting selling, the Daily report function will become available. Have you started automation but something goes wrong? Don’t hesitate to contact our support service support.ru@smarttouchpos.eu and leave your contact data. We will contact you as soon as possible and help you to set up the software.

Other reports in the SmartTouch Boss application:

Cash drawer report

It displays the main values of the cash register day for the chosen dates range (Date from – Date to):

  • Date and time of the cash drawer opening and closing
  • Opening balance
  •  Amounts: sales, withdrawals, inbound/outbound payments, final balance

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 4 | SmartTouch

Suspicious actions

You can view the log of staff suspicious actions for the chosen dates range (Date from – Date to). For example, you can find out the reason why the waiter canceled the preliminary check:

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 5 | SmartTouch

Sales by payment methods

This is an analytical report allowing to evaluate payment methods for the establishment services (Date from – Date to).

For example, let’s admit that you wish to determine the amount of cash passed through the cash drawer during 10 days.

Input the report by Cash payment method and find out how many persons paid by cash during this period:

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 6 | SmartTouch


Sales by products

This report type will be especially helpful to evaluate dishes and beverages popularity (Date from – Date to)

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 7 | SmartTouch


Sales by hours

This report type will help you to determine the time when the flow of visitors increases and the so-called dead hours.

SmartTouch Boss: getting started | фото 8 | SmartTouch

Later you can integrate various activities to attract visitors, for example, by offering 5 % discount from 11 A.M to 2 P.M and 10% for regular customers.

Read more about how to develop a base of regular customers without bonus cards here.

With SmartTouch Boss you won’t miss a trick!

Designed owners and managers of cafes and restaurants!

SmartTouch Boss – sales reports and analytics in real time on your smartphone | фото 1 | SmartTouch

We have released the long-awaited product that will be useful to you. Want to keep abreast of affairs of their institutions? You do not necessarily have your computer, tablet, or go to the administration panel. With the new mobile app SmartTouch Boss, all key information about the state of business is always “at hand” in your smartphone. A simple and comfortable user interface SmartTouch Boss, allowing just a few touches to receive relevant reports on your smartphone screen

SmartTouch Boss – sales reports and analytics in real time on your smartphone | фото 2 | SmartTouch

You can install it directly on your smartphone. Installation for Android fromGoogle Play Market  and for iOS from Apple iTunes

Please send your suggestions and proposals on the necessary reports to you!

In order to use the eMenu mobile application in your institution, you need to set the switch Use SmartTouch eMenu  в\ Administration Panel \ Settings \Outlets \ Card \ 

Connecting eMenu to the institution | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The “Do not show in the electronic menu, BonusMe” option in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Price elements \ The menu item card allows you to disable the display of the price element in eMenu and BonusMe

If you select the check box “Don’t show group in the electronic menu” located in the Administration panel \Products\Price List Items\Group, the displaying of the price-list items belonging to this group will be disabled in eMenu.

Output Management of Group, Products and Price in eMenu | фото 1 | SmartTouch