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Limits per storehouses (Minimum and recommended stock balances)

Accounting for the norms of minimum and recommended balances in warehouses is necessary in order not to miss the moment of depletion of stocks of products in warehouses.

Accounting is conducted in the Administration Panel \ Products \ Min. balances in warehouses in the context of warehouses according to the following values:

  • minimum balance on working days
  • recommended balance on working days
  • minimum rest on weekends
  • recommended weekend balance

Limits per storehouses (Minimum and recommended stock balances) | фото 1 | SmartTouch

In order to create a new request taking into account the norms of residuals entered earlier, in the Administration Panel \ Warehouse \ Applications section

1. Create a new application – click the “Create” button. The application may be empty (without a list of goods). Save your request – save button
2. Place the pointer on the line with the application and press the “Gear” button and select the necessary option:
To form on the basis of min. residues
Generate based on recommended. residues
3. Click the “Edit” button and check and / or correct the list of products in the application.

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