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Loyalty programs you should consider: no more bonus cards or mailouts

Marketing experts know exactly why it’s so important to build and sustain guests’ loyalty. If the establishment still counts on discount cards or offers its clients to collect guest checks to be rewarded, this won’t generate any big recall. Today the digital technology is growing fast. So, many shops and restaurants focus on driving their loyalty programs in the digital sector.

Loyalty programs you should consider: no more bonus cards or mailouts | фото 1 | SmartTouch

The best solution will be to use special applications along with loyalty programs. In fact, implementing these applications proved to be the most successful strategy to maintain restaurants’ guest loyalty.

The owners of many establishments have seen the valuable fruits of this strong marketing tool. Innovative loyalty programs will help you to attract new guests and bring repeat customers back, to collect analytical data based on the sales, to launch promo events, to plan purchases details and sales.

Before getting started, you need to understand the general principles of the loyalty applications, their advantages and the issues you will be able to benefit from in several months.

Loyalty program operation mode on the smartphone

Points-based rewards systems are mostly used by stores and cafés. They are flexible and easy to understand. Guests are usually rewarded for the paid orders.

The main goal of the loyalty system is to increase profit, to raise revenues and gain market share for your business. Besides, you will be able:

  • To establish direct communication with your frequent visitors
  • To build quickly friendly relationship
  • To attract new guests to your establishment
  • To study guests’ behavior and preferences based on the collected information.

You won’t need to use bonus card and to offer application forms to be completed. You can register guests by using their phone number, e-mail or other.

In the loyalty program there is the private area where information about orders history and available balance is stored.  Bonus points are usually earned and redeemed automatically. As to the balance, it is also refreshed automatically once the order is paid.

This significantly lowers the costs and allows saving money on print advertising and mailouts. The main offers are displayed on the home page. To know more about personal discounts, the user should go to his private area. The customer will see all latest news once he opens the application.


Mobile loyalty programs allow business owners to set up flexible rewards rules for customers, identify them by using all parameters, to maintain regular guests and to significantly enhance customers base as well as to reduce costs.

Both customers and business owners feel the advantages of these kinds of applications.  They appreciate especially the following:

  • User friendly interface of the loyalty program application. Possibility to customize the profile of the retail chain by specifying the basic (permanent) settings for the reward program.
  • Analysis and study of the customer base. The concept of the loyalty program focuses on the target audience and buying patterns. Customers can be grouped by similar features.
  • Communication with customers. Possibility to run a life event targeting campaigns. Push alerts are also available.
  • Product matrix management. The product matrix will be assessed against the customer portrait. Possibility to run promos with manufacturer.
  • Unique database. During the implementation phase of the loyalty program for stores, they collect data about customers and purchases from various sources like surveys, websites, mobile applications and so on.
  • Ready-to-use marketing tools. Loyalty programs are a great way of adding values to customers visits. They create a more personal experience and build trust between both parties. With loyalty applications you will be able to alert your customers about different promos and to get reports about customers’ activities.

Expected results

Once you enter loyalty applications, you will get sustainable results just in a few months. Here are some real prospects:

  • The business owner will have all data collected from differences sources
  • He’s got reliable information about customers and possibility to offer them something unique.
  • Visitors are emotionally involved in the sales process – they feel attached to the establishment. It encourages them to place orders here, to participate in personal offers and to earn bonus points.

Attractive loyalty programs can increase the frequency and number of visits. Design visits-based rewards programs which are tied to the number of visits, rather than the amount of money spent. Returning guests tend to spend more on their next visit. This will boost the establishments’ revenues, increase the orders frequency and the average check since customers will make active use of new tools.

Besides, using loyalty programs will contribute to growing your customer base. Now you can retain regular customers and attract new ones by using personalization features. New interaction channels will be available through more advanced work with customer base. Probably, some suppliers will even offer to run a mutual promo campaign and invite customers to participate in it.

Loyalty programs for stores are usually designed in a way allowing the business owner to avoid extra costs for software and its maintenance. These systems are integrated with cash register software, terminal, mobile applications, web sites and so on.

Which one is better?

When choosing a loyalty program application, consider the preorder mobile service and loyalty program for coffee shops, restaurants and stores. SmartTouch BonusMе will:

  • ensure the increase of the establishment visits;
  • improve the conversion rates of discount and bonus programs;
  • help to create a circle of regular customers;
  • be free for visitors and business owner.

Using this application, customers will be able to find the establishment on the city map and to order dishes, beverages before they come into the establishment and sit at the table, and to pay for all services with plastic.

The most important thing is that visitors don’t need to pay for installing and they are not charged for using the service. Everything is free.

As to the business owners, they will have the possibility to upload dish menus with photos and prices, to launch loyalty programs to reward guests and inform them about discounts and special offers.

The time has come to grow the circle of regular customers and to reduce advertising costs. Implementation of innovative loyalty program will have a beneficial impact on the establishment perception and a long-term effect on the guest behavior and the establishment profitability.


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