Inventory document

This type of document is created in the Administration panel\Stock\Inventory screen and allows simplifying control of Products balances in the warehouse.

Manner of performance:

  • Create an Inventory document using the Create button.
  • Get an imputed products balance in the warehouse on the user-specified date using the Fill button. It’s this button that will show you an imputed products balance in the warehouse as of the current date (use-specified date).
  • Input a real product quantity present in the warehouse In the Real qty column.
  • When required, you can modify the value in the Price column  if you consider the imputed price to be wrong.
  • To add new products items, tap the Add Row button.


Inventory document | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Once you save you document, the program will execute corrective warehouse movements to make balances equal to actually input quantities. If after having entered a real products quantity you make modifications in old documents and your accounting quantity becomes different, tap the Fill acc.qty button. The program will save the actual quantity and update the accounting one.


Inventory document | фото 2 | SmartTouch


The results of discrepancies between the accounting and actual amounts are displayed in the Columns Varian. sum + and Varian. sum

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