How to increase the average check?

The average check increase by a few percents means a significant increase of the total profit. Much depends on the price segment your establishment operates in as well as on the range of the suggested items. Read how to increase the average check in our review below.

Proper process organization also matters. The average check is calculated by dividing: total sales for a period into the number of sales receipts provided during that period. The smaller value results in bigger average check.

However, it’s not just that. Automation softwares for catering industry is the heart of many business today since they contribute a lot in tracking all business sales data down to the last cent. Wherever you are, with this sales data, you can keep tabs on all your items sold, which gives you the power to make smart decisions quickly.

There are other simple ways to increase your average check by 40 and more percents.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

The fastest way to increase the average check is to use up-selling. This sales technique persuades a customer to buy more expensive items of the menu instead of the cheaper ones. An up-sell usually offers better versions of the same product.

Using special methods, you can make you guests to focus on more expensive dishes. Making up-selling the norm of your business will require full attention to customers, but no hard sell. In other words, your staff members should know to suggest items more or less related to customers’ needs and budget.

For example, you can suggest a tastier cocktail or beverage, or make sure a dessert or two end up on the table.

While cross-selling invites customers to buy relevant or complementary products or services that they are likely to be interested in. The best way to succeed with this strategy is to find your top selling items and to group supplementary products in a package deal.

Thus, establishment might suggest dessert and chef specialities in addition to the main course.  Much will depend on the dishes variety as well as on the potential benefits and analysis of the completed orders. Luckily, mobile managements system can easily cope with such tasks.

A package offer

If you would like to encourage your customer to buy more, think about creating a special package deal. The more products you expose visitors to, the more likely it is they’ll buy them. This strategy has already successfully proved itself in the services sector, retail and wholesale. Besides, this is the fastest way to get rid from bad seller stock.

For example, group dining is quite frequent for the restaurants and cafés. Obviously, the customers wish to get the most out of their experience and at affordable price. The perfect choice would be to suggest advanced orders for group dining.

Unfortunately, cross-selling is a real challenge and the key to success is how guanine the recommendation is perceived to be. Do remember that packages of cross items aren’t built on individual preferences but they result from detailed analysis.  Analytics is the backbone of everything in the Internet marketing.

Free shipping

According to statistics, nearly half of the users abandon their cart if they consider the shipping to be over the top. To introduce free shipping on orders over X amount is simple but deadly effective. Set a reasonable threshold – then sit back and watch as your visitors cram their baskets full of products in order to make that threshold. Many customers will readily order more to save on expedited shipping.

The important thing here is to make the threshold obtainable. Setting a threshold that is too high is a common mistake and will drive your customers away. Conversely, a too low threshold won’t bring your any income. There is no perfect recipe in this case and you will always need to strike a balance. Basically, you can safely set the amount 60-70% higher than the average check.

Limited offer and bonus program 

A great way to make more people buy is to create urgency, a deadline. Thus, you get your customers to make decisions more quickly while they discover your products or services.  Customers love discount codes and coupons because it makes them feel like they’re getting a great deal. These people never buy products at regular price.

A good example of scarcity, are the establishments where customers are literally forced to go regularly to. Otherwise, they risk missing a new discount offer available, for instance, within 24 hours. It’s the oldest trick in the book and do you know why? Because it works!

You should also remember about bonus offers which are known to be deadly effective.  Its main idea consists in getting people curious and stroking their natural instinct to spend. The strategy scheme «more you spend more gifts you’ll have» is also a sure way of bumping up your average check.

What else is important for boosting the average check?

Today mobile systems for cafés, canteens, food kiosks and internet stores are incredibly demanded and widely used. Their capabilities and features help each manager keep tabs on sales data from all retail points by displaying them on the unique panel. They contribute a lot in manager’s daily routine as they allow employee timekeeping, controlling taxes, incomes and expenses, keeping customer base and much more. Combining all this data will ultimately allow you to grow your business, make smart decisions and keep your customer coming back.

Therefore, all strategies described above don’t require considerable investments and they are easy to be implemented. With very little effort on your part it’s possible to see the average check grow.

We advise you to test all tricks but rather contact professionals and get 100 per cent results.

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