How to choose an application for cafés and restaurants

Average users install dozens of various applications on their smartphones. It shouldn’t be that hard to download the application and then to install it. It’s a win-win both for users and business owners, since implementing automation system for cafe and restaurant will meet all expectations.

Experience shows that POS applications contribute significantly to increasing the average check and optimizing business processes. They also help to lower expenses on staff and payroll, to increase customer conversion rate and even more than that.

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Applications have a number of strengths both for users and cafés owners.

Thus, establishments’ guests will be able to:

  1. Find quickly the location of your restaurant or café on the map.
  2. Make an early foods and drinks order before showing up in the establishment or straight at table.
  3. Evaluate the service quality and leave a feedback.
  4. Monitor bonuses and special deals.
  5. Leave remarks and ideas in the Recommendations and Concerns.

Obviously, business owners can also benefit from it, for instance:

  1. Upload menus and add photos, prices, and the Order button.
  2. Run the bonus system to reward guests.
  3. Offer discounts, promos, special deals.
  4. Monitor the ranking of the establishment in real time and respond quickly to issues.

Implementing a high quality application will surely result in reducing the workload of the staff and offering much quicker service. On the other hand, it will increase the number of orders.

Many cafés and restaurant owners have already had the opportunity to make sure that these tools are not merely one of the channels to receive orders. It’s also an exceptional tool to build an individual marketing strategy. The application provides a quicker feedback from customers, as it was designed to test ideas and track customers’ behaviors in offline mode.

Many first-time entrepreneurs realize all the advantages described above and start seriously considering implementing an appropriate application. But how to decide on which applications will serve them best? Restaurant solutions are meant to be implemented if you have a specific goal because they should become an essential part of the marketing campaign.


What should the application «be able» to do?

The key components of any mobile application for cafés and restaurants are the menu and ordering options for pickup or delivery. You should make sure your menu is easy to access, front and center, and to navigate (items descriptions are often accompanied with detailed information about ingredients, a portion size, as well as with the pictures and so on). But, what is even more important is the possibility to place an order in a few clicks. This ensures that users can order instantly without feeling like they have to dig for the information.

Beyond ordering, reservations and delivery, the application should also provide a loyalty system to make it even more valuable for customers. Thus, you aren’t only getting more people to notice deals but you are increasing their likelihood of actually coming into your restaurant to redeem deals and loyalty promotions. In fact, mobile-based loyalty programs are far more personal.

Another important feature improving customer experience is online reservations. Allow your customer to make a reservation without the worry of having to call in.


Implementation specifics

Successful implementation of a mobile application for cafés and restaurant involves careful study of competitors and target audience. What attracts customers the most? The application should show the advantages and make the establishment closer to the customers.

A worthwhile application should be easy-to-use both for customers and employees taking orders. If the staff cannot take orders from the application, users will unlikely save any memory on their devices to install useless software. Since, if you have enough money, you should be better to integrate the software with various establishment’s services and systems.  This will make your restaurant run more smoothly and efficiently.

It’s also worth thinking about new ways to contend with daily grinds. For example, it is advised to create a group in social networks, an account in Instagram, to advance the loyalty program or, if necessary, to move to another location. Today the mobile market is expanding extremely fast. So, you should offer smartphone users the issues which they can’t get along.

Most experts say that the mobile traffic is our future. Today many large restaurants and retail stores have published statistics which prove that online sales will very soon bypass the offline ones. That’s why if you wish to see a bright future of your restaurant business, you will have, sooner or later, to consider implementing the application. However obviously it’s better to start today. Luckily, there are multiple choices providing very useful functions both for cafés/restaurants owners and users. Restaurant management applications make a huge difference. Find out more about our solution!


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