Fiscal registrars for catering and trade


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Fiscal registrar MG N707TS

Sphere of use - restaurants, cafes, shops
- Built-in modem for on-line transmission of control tape in electronic form (CLEF) to the fiscal service
- Printing speed up to 56 millimeters per second
- Buyer's display
- High reliability
MG-N707TS is based on the time-tested fiscal printer Bono-E, from the Polish company Novitus, a well-known European manufacturer of fiscal equipment.

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Fiscal registrar Datecs FP 101 Smart

Sphere of use - restaurants, cafes, shops;
- Connection - PC, tablet, POS-system, scales, scanner, terminal;
- Memory - for 20,000 commodity items;
- Number of tax groups - 18;
- Thermal pool resource - 50 km;
- Sensors - end of paper;
- Buyer's display

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WiFi, Ethernet, USB-RNDIS
for Android OS, Windows, iOS

FR90.XM with the WiFi interface

Ability to automate out-of-trade, trade through an online store, delivery of medicines, outpatient laboratory services, parking and much more that does not tie you to a fixed work place.

- the width of the checking tape-57,5 mm / the diameter of the roll is not more than - 80 mm;
- print speed - 120 mm / s;
- Built-in battery with a capacity of 2200mAh;
- the ability to print on the check: the logo, the school EAN 13, the QR-code.
- Built-in WEB-interface allows you to arrange quick setup and remote monitoring of the device;
- with auto cutter.

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