SmartTouch eMenu is an electronic menu specially designed for restaurants, cafés and cafeterias

  • On any tablet with iOS or Android
  • Increases service speed and accuracy
  • Attracts more clients
  • Reduces expenses and increases profit
SmartTouch еMenu will help your clients to:

Make an order using an electronic shopping bag

Transfer the request to the waiter with just a click

Place quick additional orders

Monitor requests fulfillment and amount to be paid

Your staff is more efficient at work and the customer receives the desired order and exact bill amount

SmartTouch eMenu is a great solution to paper menu problems and hand written bills
Outdated dishes

Only actual items are displayed on the screen


You can quickly and easily add a new photo, name or price


Electronic bill form is protected from errors and overcharging.


For design, printing and translation into English.

With SmartTouch eMenu you can:

Improve your service


Increase the frequency of customers visiting


Reduce expenses and increase profit

Here are the answers to the questions which you are probably concerned about…

1How to teach customers to use eMenu?

We help the employees to learn how to work with the program for free. In future, the waiters will be able to explain visitors in simple words how it works.

2And what if a guest places an order by mistake, for example, a kid?

All orders from electronic menu are validated by the waiter. If the request is placed by mistake, the employee will decline it and thus won’t let it go to the kitchen.

3Do electronic menus deprive customers of communication with staff?

Not at all.
The customer can call the waiter any time by using the special button on the tablet screen and ask any question he is interested in.

SmartTouch eMenu, it’s fast, efficient and reliable

Download on any tablet and make sure of it!