eMenu – electronic menu

If you decided to familiarize yourself with the operation of SmartTouch eMenu in Demo mode:

1. When you start eMenu, in the authorization window, click the “Demo”

2. When launching the mobile POS terminal in the authorization window, click the “Demo input” button, in the next window for selecting the type of enterprise, click the “Demo Restaurant”

Modifiers are designed to take into account the customer’s wishes for the prepared dishes and beverages.

The client or the waiter at a dish order with the mobile application chooses modifiers which together with the order will be considered during cooking.


The list of modifiers is maintained in the Administration Panel in the Commodities \ Products and Dishes \ General Modifiers section

In more detail about modifiers: Using modifiers

eMenu is an interactive communication system between customers and an establishment, an easy way to use tablets to accept customers’ orders.

  • It takes less time to complete orders
  • It improves efficiency of waiters work, decreases staff’s load and saves time
  • It improves order’s accuracy, excludes mistakes when choosing or ordering dishes
  • Transparent orders accounting mechanism allows excluding orders scam
  • It increases establishment’s income and profitability



How does eMenu work? It’s very simple. Clients of the establishment use a tablet with special emenu software installed on it instead of a common paper menu.

This software will allow customers:

  • to have a detailed look at the offered range of dishes, drinks and beverages of the establishment. Besides pictures and prices, dish’s information may be accompanied by complementary details such as its popularity, weight, energy value, approximate time of preparation;
  • to match an order to a certain amount for low-budget customers;
  • to choose dishes, drinks and beverages for a group of several customers and split them into separate orders by following some specific features, for example, individual payment or one pays drinks for his friends;
  • to control orders advancement;
  • to control expenses;
  • to call a waiter



Once the customer validates his order (the “Create an order” button), it will become available for further processing on the waiter’s POS-terminal tablet.



If desired, the waiter has the possibility to edit customer’s orders on the POS-terminal, thus, for example, he can add new dishes or change the ordered ones. Information about such modifications will be automatically updated in eMenu on the customer’s tablet



To use the mobile application “Electronic menu” SmartTouch eMenu, select the check box Administration Panel\Settings\Outlets\Card\Use SmartTouch eMenu

Setting idle time before the slide show

  • press the (Menu) button    in the upper right corner of the screen
  • set the number of seconds in Delay after which be activated slideshow
  • press Save

Modifiers are designed to take into account the customer’s wishes for prepared dishes and beverages.


The client or waiter when ordering a dish using a mobile application selects the modifiers that, together with the order, will be taken into account during cooking.

The list of modifiers is maintained in the Administration panel in the section Goods \ Food and Dish \ General modifiers

In more detail about modifiers: Modifiers usage

In order to use the mobile application “Electronic menu” eMenu and BonusMe in your outlet, you must set the “Integration with SmartTouch eMenu or BonusMe” switch in the Administration panel \ Settings \ Outlets \ Outlet card \ Settings



1. Setting up a table number
2. How customers can place their orders by themselves
3. Receiving of the order by the waiter
4. Control of the order preparation
5. Switching between orders
6. Calling a waiter
7. Using the Administration panel to manage menu items displaying

If you select the check box “Don’t show group in the electronic menu” located in the Administration panel \Products\Price List Items\Group, the displaying of the price-list items belonging to this group will be disabled in eMenu.