Discounts and Promotions

To set up discounts, go to the Administration panel \ Loyalty \ Discounts and promotions.

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The main settings are in the Main tab:

  • Nameis the name of a discount, for example Products discounts for Mother’s Day

There are also several options allowing to set up conditions when the discount is applied.

  1. By percent option means the percentage of sales
  2. By fixed sum means an amount of money defined by the seller
  3. By free sum means that the sum will be defined randomly by the seller
  • For the Fixed sum you have to specify the money equivalent of the discount in the Sum
  • If By percent option is selected:

—  you can switch between Manual and Automatic (in the form of radio buttons), and thus the discount percent will vary depending on the product’s regular price during selling

 — if you enable the Bonus system option, the percent of rewarded bonus points will depend on the purchases amount


Discount \ promotion type:

  • Manual means that the discount will be applied manually. A waiter (a seller) can apply the discount at his own discretion
  • Automatic means that the discount will be applied automatically when the discount conditions are met
  • Bonus system means that bonus points will be awarded depending on the accumulated amount spent on specific products
  • Promotion ‘Seventh coffee for free’is a typical promotion allowing to offer a free dish if the client has already purchased the specified number of the dish from the same category
  • Enabled means that the discount is activated and therefore it is valid
  • Use schedulemeans that the discount will be applied according to the schedule specified on the «Schedule» tab.

The schedule defines the valid period of the discount, time and days of the week.

The schedule is valid both for automatic and manual discounts.

  • Prioritydefines the order in which valid discounts will be applied, especially when several ones are effective for the same check and they cannot be combined. Thus, the program will select and apply a discount with a higher priority. To set the priority, use digits. The higher the number, the higher priority you get for the discount.
  • Is additiveallows adding the discount value to the values of other currently valid discounts and therefore a combined discount will be applied.
  • Class categorydefines a product’s category which will be subjected to a discount. The product’s category is specified in the product’s card.
  • Affects on the item in guest checkdefines the reference number of a product (in descending order of price) which the discount will be applied to. The discount is valid only if all the products are in the same check.
  • Portion number which will be freedefines the reference number of a product (in descending order) which will be offered for free if the option Promotion  ‘Seventh coffee for free’ is enabled.

For example, if you set the discount rate as 100% off every third item, the discount will be applied to the third item with the lowest price

Price-list groups values tab. This tab will allow you to set another discount for the specific groups. For example, if you have already entered 10% off and you don’t want it to be applied to all items of the groups Supplements and Cocktails, go to the Price-list tab, specify these two groups and set their discount value to 0%.

QR code tab will allow you to download the discount’s code, to print it or to send it to clients by e-mail. On the tablet, the cashier will be able to read this code with the camera and the discount will be applied automatically (according to the rules of the discount application specified in the card). Moreover, you can disable the cashier’s permission to enter the discount manually while leaving the only option of QR codes scanning.


Loyalty programs are created and configured in the Administration panel\Loyalty Programs

The Loyalty\Guest section of the Administration panel allows working with the list of guests

To work with guests in the Mobile application, go to the “Guests” window


You can limit the extent of the discount to one establishment. To do so, you just need to select its name in the Establishment field.

If the option «Do not show on tablet» is enabled, the discount won’t be displayed in the mobile application and therefore it won’t be visible for the operator (waiter, cashier). As a rule, this option is used for the discounts automatically applied.

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