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Disassembly – registration of the division of products into components

Document Disassembly is used to formalize the separation of products into components, for the purpose of further sale or production in parts. For example, you can arrange the cutting of the carcass or assortment of bouquets.

Working with the document takes place on the administration panel in the section Stock \ Advanced \ Dish Disassembly

To create a new document, click the Create button.

In the table of contents of the document in the Dish field, indicate the dish, the semi-finished product or the products, which should be decommissioned.

The Quantity field indicates the number of dishes to be divided.


Disassembly – registration of the division of products into components | фото 1 | SmartTouch


To enter information about the component, you must click the Add row button and fill in the values for Goods, Quantity. The price of the goods is automatically substituted from the receipts, if necessary, you can change it.

After filling out the list of components, click the Save button.

The results of the reconciliation can be seen in the report Remains and movements of goods.


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