Different measurement units for products arrival in the warehouse

If you need to declare products arrival in the warehouse using other measurement units than the base ones, go to the Products card through the Administration panel\Products\Products and Dishes\Meas.units tab and specify additional measurement units for your incoming order:


  • Tap the Add Row button
  •  In this new line, input a measurement unit and a base unit calculation factor.


For example, we have Milk which base unit is the Litre. On the tab of measurement units management we can add an additional measurement unit “Bottle 1.5 l” with base unit calculation factor equal to 1.5. Thus to declare the receipt of 3 bottles in the warehouse, we have to specify “Milk, unit Bottle 1,5 l, quantity 3” in the products receipt document.  The program will automatically make the conversion of the quantity and price into base unit and we will get 1.5 * 3 = 4.5 litres entered the warehouse.


When registering a receipt in the section Administration panel \ Stock \ Products arrival , in the field “Meas.unit” select the appropriate unit of measure. The program will automatically recalculate the amount of the goods in the base unit.


The program will automatically fill the “Price” field with a value equal to the price according to the last product arrival document according to which the goods were delivered.

Change the price of the product if it does not match the price of the current arrival.


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