Creating a new Establishment

You can create a new establishment in the Administration panel. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Settings\Establishments\Create
  • Select the corresponding Price list for your new establishment
  • Select a warehouse in the field «Warehouse by default to write-off sales».
  • If you plan to use the SmartTouch eMenu E-Menu mobile application, select the switch in the Administration Panel \ Settings \ Outlets \ Outlets Card \ Settings \ Include eMenu, BonusMe app, Ext.systems support

Creating a new Establishment | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Appoint an Establishment Administrator:

There are two ways to assign or create a new administrator of an institution:
1) When creating an institution card – fill in the field
2) After the establishment of the institution you should create a login for him:
Administration panel: Access\Admin panel Users\… Create a new user [an establishment Administrator]:
Select your new establishment.

If you need to create a new tablet User for your new establishment, first of all prepare the tablet to work with the cloud:
• Install the SmartTouch POS application from Google Play Market or AppStore
• Log in to the SmartTouch POS application using the login of your new administrator
• Run the mobile application on the tablet and enter the User’s (waiter, salesperson) PIN-code.

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