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Creating a document “Products Transfer” in the Administration panel

You can work with displacement documents in the section Administration panel \ Storehouse \ Products transfer

or in the mobile POS-terminal (on the tablet), using the menu option Storehouse\Products Transfer


To create a new document, click the “Create” button in the dialogue box and specify:

  • Shipping storehouse
  • Receiving storehouse
  • You can also input additional information if necessary, like comments and document’s date (time).


You can make a list of products being moved by using the button “Add a row”. A new empty row appears in the list and you just have to specify a product name and its quantity.

If a barcode scanner is connected to your computer, click the button “Barcode” to select a product.

When you scan the product’s barcode, its code will appear in the field. Barcodes should be assigned to all products prior to scanning. You can do this in the section Administration panel \ Products \ Product card \ Basic \ Barcode.

Click the OK button to confirm your selection.

The Excel and Print buttons are used to save the list of products in the Excel file or print.

In the case of production, movement documents can be created by selecting the option Enter on the basis of \ Production catering.