Cooking trends 2018: ring with surprisingly delicious meals

Do you want to refresh the menu and attract more visits in? We have prepared fresh and delicious research of the recent cooking trends. Healthy nutrition, original elements and multiculturalism are the main trends of 2018.   

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Fast food and street food are better than you think

The food business is constantly expanding its borders. It’s making major increases in nutritional quality. It always accompanies clients who lead active lives. Being health-minded, they prefer not to spend the holidays sitting at the table and watching TV. A growing number of them go out to celebrate together with other residents of the big cities who are as active as they are.  

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January is the best time to present trending dishes. Among all those typical burgers and hot dogs people will surely notice something exotic. Spicy Mexican taco with various condiments (from meat with veggies to sea food) is a new alternative to kebab. Bold flavor and unusual ingredients, hot sauces and spices make the mouth water and inspire to make new fascinating trips around the snow-covered city.

Falafel is climbing the leaderboard due to its vegetarian recipe. These are deep-fried balls made from beans. Two variations of recipe are known: Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Falafel is able to attract guests desiring to taste something special and at the same time to keep to the diet or respect fasting period. 

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From garden to the table: plant kingdom

Flowers and herbs invaded the cooking world. They are added to salads, meat dishes, hot and cold drinks. If your diners are not very conservative, then try to introduce new natural flavoring dishes into the menu, for instance, salad and stew with hibiscus, tea rose desserts.  You can also add ground seeds of hibiscus to coffee; this will make the drink more worming and energy-boosting.   

Burgers with a lot of green veggies (like leafy greens, basilic, parsley, oregano), veggie sushi and rolls are one more marvelous variation of a mixed or pure vegan menu.

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And indeed, burgers enrich their range of unfamiliar colors, now they can be in black, in red and even in green.  More important, however, that the burgers are naturally dyed by using bamboo charcoal, beet juice and spinach. Creamy avocado and tomato salsa make classic fast-food healthier and more attractive.

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Desserts and drinks: no limits to your creative ideas

Reveal the novelty from Suisse chocolatiers – ruby chocolate. It is made from Ruby cocoa bean which unlocks the delightful flavor. No berries or berry flavor, nor color is added.  

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Until the trend is waiting to be distributed, let’s surprise your guests with colorful, delicious cake pop goodness – easy and fascinated baking.   

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Whatever they say soda isn’t good for you, it remains by far the biggest soft drink of every holiday. And here, Waterloo brand starts a new trend in low calories sodas – tin cans, small portions, natural fruit flavors (lemon, lime, grapefruit, and others).

The key element for exciting drinks of 2018 is original flavor and minimum artificial additives. Cocktails, mulled red wine, hot and cold drinks require a thoughtful approach, a variety of bartender and barista skills, and reliable suppliers.

Knowing what we eat: informative menu

Current guests want to know what the most attractive and beautiful delicacies are made from. Therefore, don’t just indicate “No GMO ingredients” instead let the visitors learn from your menu about each component.

History of the dishes, especially the signature and new ones, is an essential marketing and PR element. Update your menu through interactive applications for smartphones, let your visitors flip, swipe and tap through the tablet menu, look at pictures of food, read nutritional information. Give presentations and encourage cooks, bartenders and barista to participate, and the profit from innovations will be forthcoming.

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