Choosing a place to open a restaurant: what mistakes should be avoided?

If you seriously thought about opening your own cafe or restaurant, then you probably already had a question about choosing a location.

This is a truly responsible and important step – the speed of its payback and the stable traffic of customers depend on how well your future restaurant will be located.

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No matter how incredible and ingenious your idea and concept of the restaurant is, nothing will save it from financial losses or even bankruptcy if it stands “in the wrong place.”

The first rule that you must follow is this: rent or buy a premises that will be beneficial to you, not only financially, but in all respects. Immediately accept that saving at this stage is very difficult. It is much more reliable to invest in a good location and and recoup this amount over time.

Before you start looking for a premises, sit down and carefully check again, have you taken everything into account in your concept? Perhaps you have already decided on the theme of the institution, the direction of its cuisine, and even design. This is good, but there is an important point: try to make the menu for your restaurant as close as possible to reality. Why does this need to be done at this stage? You should have an idea of what equipment you will need in the kitchen: will it be grilled, steamed, marinated or baked? In the future, a lack of information on this may cause big problems in the kitchen.

Now is the time to draw up the terms of reference. Describe your wishes in as much detail as possible, trying not to forget a single, even the smallest, detail. Sometimes it will take more than one day, until you can clearly outline all the moments. Take care of everything: ceiling height, parking, children’s area, number of hoods, a place for signboards and more. Also, do not forget to indicate the approximate maximum load on the power grid.

When you have already looked at yourself several options for premises, carefully look at each of them again and make a competent choice. You should not compromise in this matter and choose the first more or less suitable option.

Carefully read the terms of the contract (if it is a rental). It will be great if you connect a competent lawyer to this case – he will help prevent a mistake. A very common mistake is that the owner of the institution does not take into account the purpose of the premises. Sometimes this clause is not prescribed in the contract, but it is very important to know that this particular place can be used as a restaurant.

Often, good rental premises can be found in residential buildings. This is a very good option, but there are some nuances. First, you have to negotiate with the tenants at home. Most likely, one day they will not be satisfied with loud music or the noise of the grill, which means that they may well turn to the appropriate authorities. Secondly, very often an extractor hood is not provided in such rooms. Perhaps then you will be able to adjust the supply and exhaust ventilation, but not the fact that it will be worth it, based on the considerations of Cost-Benefit.

So, what conclusions can be drawn from all this?

– Saving is not the best option.
– Do not forget to make a menu BEFORE finding a premises.
– List all the little things in the statement of work.
– Compromises in this matter are not welcome.
– It is important to consider all clauses of the contract.
– Renting a rpremises in a residential building may bring some inconvenience.

Now is the time to go looking for your ideal place, and we, in turn, hope that you can avoid all, or at least many mistakes!

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