SmartTouch Boss is the sales monitoring system on your smartphone

This is the mobile application
for managers of cafés, restaurants, stores,
kiosks and mobile food carts.
7 reports per 7 seconds!

Do you run a café, restaurant or a store?

Do you have frequent business trips?

Do you need to monitor your business but you don’t have time for long reports?

SmartTouch Boss is the application for smartphones on iOS and Android OS.
  • Remote business monitoring 24/7
  • The most important information about establishment work
  • When you don’t have access to your laptop, tablet or Wi-Fi
  • Convenient form to read from the screen
  • All you need to make quick decisions
Receive brief reports with just a click anywhere in the world!

Daily (with an average check)

For particular periods

Sales by hours

Sales by products

Closed orders

Sales by payment methods

Cash (all payment methods)

Suspicious actions

SmartTouch Boss selects key data from SmartTouch POS,
an automated accounting and management systemon points of sale.
All reports are carried out in real time.
You receive the most recent information about your business.

A few reasons why our clients enable SmartTouch Boss:
  • Reports are received in quick and easy way
  • No need to enter the main accounting system
  • You always know the average check of the establishment
  • Reports by hour allow detecting «rush hours» and «dead time» of sales
  • It saves time on calls to employees
  • It is comfortable to use
Do you want to know how much you have earned for the past hour and who of your employees commits scams?
  • Sales of dishes unaccounted for
  • False extra dishes in the order
  • The average check of the establishment is always known
  • Playing games with discounts
  • Cheating guests by over charging
Install SmartTouch Boss on your phone and enjoy all SmartTouch POS applications during 14 days for free!
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