Bills count— accounting method of payments in cash

Bills count is a new accounting method which was specially designed to work more effectively with cash payments and to control more sorely the cash drawer balance based on recording the number of money bills.

The accounting per bills prevents operator’s errors when calculating the payment amount and ensures proper cash drawer management.

The operator of the POS terminal receives cash and proceeds with recording the number of bills and their denomination by using POS terminal.

The program will automatically calculate the amount of the given cash and then will show how many change to give back to the customer.

At the closing of the business day or at the end of a cashier’s shift, you will be able to track the counted number of bills through the report.

This mode should be set up individually for each establishment on the Administration panel \ Settings \ Establishments \ Settings

  • Use new payment mode — enables the mode of bills count
  • Use payment in cash in the order payment (it will be active only if the previous option was selected) – enables the mode of bills count when customers pay for orders
  • Use payment in cash at the closing of a cash register day – enables the mode of bills count at the closing of a cash register day

Description of the payment process, taking into account the bills with the help of a mobile POS terminal

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