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In 2017, SmartTouch POS Administration panel updates has experienced the largest number over the past three years. We expanded the functionality of storehouse management, we introduced strategies to boost employees’ productivity, and we also enhanced the capacity to analyze activities of the establishment (restaurant, café, store) or outlets network.



Smart storehouse: from receipt to expenditure


The most significant winter updates are related to the calculation of dishes prime cost. Now you can enjoy immediate calculation in the Products section of the Administration panel.

In spring, we added a filter by left-over stock to each storehouse, category and product type. A special option «Recommended stock» enables automatic planning of stockpiles. The software will notify you when insufficient products amount occurs in the storehouse; and therefore it will help you to determine the best time to buy products for your business.

The CSV format helps to automate the creation of receipt documents from the third-party accounting systems. Now you can easily convert a long products list into a CSV file without typing items manually. To do this, we added the “Import from CSV-file” button to the receipt documents of the Administration panel.


The management of products receipt into the storehouse became much easier and faster over this summer and autumn:


  1. The software creates requests by itself based on the specified minimum number of the purchased products.
  2. Products codes are generated in just one click by using the“Barcodes group generation” button. And you can print price tags directly from the Administration panel. The software forms the file depending on the specified groups or on certain products.
  3. Receipt and expenditure is displayed by every ingredient in the “Stocks and products movements” report. You can also use here the function of modifiers grouping which allows quickly creating dishes with individual set of supplements, and filling in their minimum and maximum quantity. The latest update of the Report by calculation cards enables ingredients view mode by their quantity and cost.
  4. Detailed displaying of settlement payments with suppliers represents an uploaded report which contains information on receipt documents and payments within the chosen period.
  5. Quick creation of products return— a new function «Input based on \ Return label»
  6. Splitting products into components for onward sale or for production of cut-up parts (for example, whole carcasses).
  7. Group processing of elements enables to speed up the data entry into the Products Reference and, in this way, to save time of the chief cook or goods manager. Products can be immediately assigned to several products categories, fiscal groups and categories of kitchen checks printing.


Read more about all updates for storehouse automation in special section of our Knowledge Database.


Orders and loyalty: taking steps towards client’s needs


Most updates of hospitality functions and orders management concern the Mobile terminal. In the Administration panel there was added local orders numbering in the format of the “system cloud number / local number”. It contributes to a better organization of service in establishments.


Since the summer, administrators have obtained the opportunity to track delivery status of orders placed in the BonusMe mobile application  or via other communication channels with clients.

Now we provide a more flexible mechanism of bonuses adjustment. You can input an initial number of bonus points, reward them manually or automatically, correct errors.

The bottom line in the discounts detailed reports helps to evaluate the efficiency of special offers – compare the discounts amount offered by each waiter and the income received during the special offer period.


Staff: motivation to growth


During the spring and summer of 2017, we improved the possibility to manage employees’ productivity and quality of work:


  1. Deduction from wages— an amount is automatically deducted during the payroll calculation based on the value which was specified in the employee’s card.
  2. Stimulating sales of a certain dish or beverage — this can be done by giving bonuses to employees for selling more items.
  3. Report “Sales by employees” — it’s a simultaneous grouping of key figures by employees and products categories.


Read more about: Automation of staff management in SmartTouch POS


Reports: new level of analytics


In January and February, we have significantly enhanced reports on sales by products and taxes.


  1. Sales performance by network establishments allows concluding on a contribution of each establishment to your business growth.
  2. All information about taxes for the accounting period is now available on a single screen.

During spring and autumn period, the establishments managers connected to SmartTouch POS have had the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of options enabling to monitor essential sales values:


  1. New report was added to the Administration panel — “Sales by restaurant rooms and tables”.
  2. Report “Sales by hours” — new columns «Average check» and «Amount of checks» were added.
  3. The “Payments” tab appeared in the “Order” document — it displays payments history, including date, time, method and amount of each payment.

Besides, we have implemented the separation of access to the Administration panel’s reports. Now you can set up to display or not a certain set of reports for each user. The access to products and software settings also became more detailed.


Read more aboutAll reports of the SmartTouch POS Administration panel


Do you have any ideas for updates of our software in future? Leave your feedback and suggestions in the Google Play store! We will certainly consider all of them very carefully to make SmartTouch POS more user-friendly and easy to use for you.

One of our leading integrators and media partners is the international company Global Intellect Service (GIS) – the provider of the mobile loyalty system UDS Game for establishments and retail outlets. In April of 2017, SmartTouch POS subscribers got the opportunity to connect their restaurants, cafés, stores to UDS Game and thus, attract clients by using mobile marketing.


One year with UDS Game: partnership results and perspectives | фото 1 | SmartTouch



What is UDS Game?


UDS Game is a flagship product of the company Global Intellect Service. This is the international loyalty system in the mobile application format for Android / iOS. It includes software tools designed for business processes optimization.


The UDS Game system combines all mobile marketing tools:


1. Management tools — CRM and UDS Game Admin. They are synchronized with the cash drawer and applications for clients.


2. Unique virtual environment for salespersons and customers. Once the user downloads the application, he will see all outlets connected to UDSGame (restaurants, cafés, stores).


3. Efficient ways to attract guests — discount promo codes or QR-codes, cash back (buyers receive a cash refund after making a purchase), referral programs.


4. Communication simplifying — news about events, special offers and discounts in push notifications to the client’s smartphone.


5. Affiliate program for distributors — it consists in selling UDS Game licenses to the establishments which want to enhance the loyalty of their regular clients and at the same time attract new visitors.


Results of our partnership with GIS in 2017


  • January —the integration project launch of SmartTouch POS and UDS Game.


  • April — the invitation from GIS to the «Innovative methods for business promotion» Forum in Almaty (Kazakhstan). We acquired new knowledge about mobile marketing and the role of social networks in business promotion.


    • June — the synchronization of the cash drawer SmartTouch POS with UDS Game to provide data exchange between the mobile terminal and the application.


  • November — trip to the Smart Business Forum 2017 from GIS. The participants have discussed new digital strategies, operating models of the companies, methods of digital promotion for business. We made presentation of SmartTouch POS as an innovative mobile system which is designed for complex automation of small and medium-sized business and can be integrated with various loyalty programs.


Representative offices of Global Intellect Service are open in USA, Germany, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, India and many other countries of Europe and Asia. Since 2017 our company has been the official partner of GIS in Ukraine. From now on, you can contact us to apply for connection to the UDS Game loyalty program. We also provide help to integrate it in the automation system of your business.


How to connect to UDS Game



    To establishments’ clients


    1. Download free application to your mobile device from App Store or Google Play Market.
    2. Register to UDSGame using e-mail address and phone number or social networks.


    To SmartTouch POS users


  • You can activate the international loyalty program UDS Game using any subscription package. However, we offer special activation conditions for the users of the Professional tariff (establishments with several terminals, establishment chains).For information and advice concerning integration of UDS Game with SmartTouch POS, contact our sales department on +38 (044) 229-64-46 (extension number 723) or in chat.


    To everyone who is seeking to improve establishments’ marketing


    You can connect UDS Game to your restaurant (café, store) automation system or try SmartTouch POS with further connection to the international loyalty program. In January we are intending to add a new free tariff for UDS Game to the options of the trial period. It will include the basic functionalities of the system. Don’t miss this update, subscribe now!


    Go to the subscription form


    For more information and advice, contact our manager on +38 (044) 229-64-46 (extension number 723) or in chat.