Automation software for car wash: a must have for efficient management of the business

The car wash only seems to be a simple business. In fact, if you drill into that, you’ll see how difficult it is to manage personnel, keep financial records, monitor all expenses and resources and on top of that, a fierce competition. So, the car wash is a complicated business that needs to be organized and boosted to a competitive level.

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This is what the car Wash Point-of-Sale and management system was created for. The owners of small and medium-sized businesses must have come across or heard about automation systems for restaurants, cafés and other establishments, but not all of them have given much thought to the adaptivity and flexibility of the software. In fact, all its functions can be adapted to any customer’s requirements to suit the activity’s specifics, including the car wash business. The automation software will provide you a number of advantages over your competitors who are still keeping their accounts on paper.

What are the benefits you get with the automation program for a car wash?

  • All accounting records about materials and resources are kept carefully (from suppliers’ invoices to writing off used items after a service was provided).
  • Accounting of personnel’s working hours (from a number of provided services by each employee to payroll accounting and rewards).
  • Ensures protection against cheating on the part of employees (from theft to voiding provided services or improperly writing off used items).

  • Efficient work and keeping records of all customer. Offer your customers a loyalty or reward program, like the 10th wash for free. Or reward your customers with points for their birthday. These programs will allow you to boost customer lifetime value and inspire loyalty. Besides, they can create huge value for your business.
  • You don’t need to sit on the spot and personally supervise all the processes. With the automation program you can do it remotely from your tablet or smartphone. You will especially appreciate it if you have a network of car wash. This will considerably save your time and simplify your business management. Using the automation program, you can monitor and track your employees’ activities in real time.
  • SmartTouch POS guarantees you complete security and confidentiality. It’s up to you to decide what information your employees will have access rights to.
  • Get all reports about productivity of your car wash to your phone at any time and for any period. You can track the data sent by the program and evaluate the progress of your business over different periods of time. Besides, all data about expenses, revenues and taxes will be also stored here. And so, you get your personal virtual accountant or financier.

Doing things differently with the automation software is a perfect way to boost your business. When all data and processes lie bare in the palm of your hand, you can clearly analyze the statistics of gain or loss and to take prompt actions towards the resolution of real issues. Thus, less time you spent on supervising in person, more time you’ll have to enhance your business success.

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