Automation program for your coffee shop, POS System

  • On any tablet with iOS, Android, Windows
  • Control over each stage of coffee shop work
  • Cuts costs and boosts profits

Efficient automation with SmartTouch POS:

Records income and expenses

Quick installation and deployment (1 day)

Intuitive user interface

Staff and trusted persons control

Full management accounting on the tablet

  • Register as many products as you need, no limits
  • Calculate all your costs (of materials and resources) used to prepare dishes and beverages
  • Keep stock records of supplies and benefit from automatic writing-off
  • Keep orders records, like history of visits, average check, applied discounts and much more
  • Take advantage of full control over your financial operations and accounting
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Get brief reports with just one click wherever you are!

Daily (with average check)

For the specified period

Sales by hours

Sales by products

Sales by employees

Sales by payment methods

Cash (all payment methods)

Suspicious actions

Effective management and marketing

  • Accounting by every point of sale, by employee
  • Different access rights for different users
  • Control of the staff. Prevention of unacceptable acts (for example, the use of products for personal purposes, overcharging and so on)
  • Customer service (maintenance of the client base)
  • Loyalty program. Application of special systems to reward customers (for example, the 5th cup of coffee for free)
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Coffee Shop POS System SmartTouchPOS

1Automation of a coffee shop on a turn-key basis – full accounting and control of your business

Today there is a remarkable growth of the coffee business. Globally, an ever-increasing number of new coffee shops open in different cities all over the world. Given people’s devotion to a good cup of coffee in a cozy atmosphere where they can have a rest after a hard working day, this kind of business is rather profitable, however small it may be. The question is how to survive in this highly competitive environment? And there is only one answer – to take under strict control all products movements, visitors flows and staff work. Implementing the automation program for coffee shops will allow you to monitor your business from home, office or even from distant islands somewhere in the sunny tropics. SmartTouch POS, the accounting program for cafes and coffee shops on Android and iOS, is the efficient automation of work which will help to get the best of your business.

2POS system for a coffee shop automation – scope

Implementation of this system ensures 24 hours of accounting from any electronic device – PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. We will provide you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use the program, and therefore you won’t need to hire a “specially trained person”.
Its user-friendly interface will easily guide you through different operations.

3Coffee Shop POS System - opportunities

Here is a brief scope of possibilities provided by the POS system, both mobile and fixed, for a coffee shop automation:
• warehouse accounting – deliveries, writing-off of products used to prepare dishes and beverages;
• menus, recipes. Add your unique recipe to make a barista and a pastry-cook to respect the preparation technology of dishes and beverages;
• accounting – data about sales, purchases of products, consumables and equipment, calculation of staff salaries;
• analytics – keeping track of popular services, control of employees’ workload, selection of the best time for promotions and much more;
• accounting program for coffee to go;
• cash register operations – opening and closing of shifts, cash collections, reports.

4Automation of coffee shops – advantages of SmartTouchPos

Café and coffee shop automation has an effect on all aspects of their activities. So, the benefits of implementing technology include:
• increased service quality. As a result, this will increase the loyalty of the regular clients and attract the new ones;
• optimization of costs, prevention of deliberate fraud by staff members;
• business development planning based on real rates.
SmartTouch POS program / application for coffee shops has a number of advantages: broad capacities, high reliability, easily installed on any hardware, custom configuration according to your needs and much more.

Working with us you get a ready-to-use solution at an affordable price, which is fully adapted to the specifics of your business. The program for a coffee shop automation designed by our company will allow you not only to survive but to be a few steps ahead of your competitors and to become a leading market player.