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Automation of foodservice industry: why do you need it and how to get started?

Automation of restaurant processes is not just a working environment, but a coherent system enabling to complete sales tasks and run your restaurant business more efficiently. How to introduce foodservice automation to your business? Read more in our article.


Automation of foodservice industry: why do you need it and how to get started? | фото 1 | SmartTouch


What is a good and correct way to implement automation?


Recently, the need to automate a restaurant has meant following the trend to get into the world of exclusive restaurants. But advances in technology have changed the whole outlook on restaurant business.


Automation solutions became the key pusher towards the growth of business value. The use of automation helps to make many restaurant processes easier and more cost effective.


Automation of foodservice industry: why do you need it and how to get started? | фото 2 | SmartTouch


The decisions are made based on specific values of streamlined reporting. Thus, an intelligent automation can help you to get the most out of your business in terms of productivity, efficiency and cost savings.


So, the main reason to implement restaurant management systems relies on your commitment to accuracy. They allow synchronizing the interaction between managers, technical specialists and wait staff. As a result the whole team feels responsible for the results of its work and does its best to be more efficient and productive to make the restaurant to be top ranked.


Why foodservice industry needs to be automated?


Most restaurants represent a complicated management system. Restaurant manager tends to make informed decisions. To this end, he needs:

  • To improve working conditions of wait staff and cashiers— enable them to work faster, more accurately without wasting time on manual operations (like completing the forms, etc.)
  • To simplify the work of a bookkeeper, chef, marketing specialist. Primary accounting at a retail outlet contributes a lot in delivering key figures for reports and analytics. All data are automatically transferred to back office and updated continuously.
  • Reduce impact of human factor— human errors, misuses, double-counting, input errors.


Automated management system makes it easier to keep analytics. Hence larger volume of data is processed. And the manager can respond quickly to major errors and remove obstacles that impede employees to do their job properly.


Digital management systems: technical aspects and details


Automation of small business is a challenging but achievable task. Whether you have been in restaurant business for a long time or just about to open your establishment, the scope of work will be the same.


Pay attention to the preparatory phase which includes staff training and hardware setup. Today automation system supplier is not only a developer/vendor but also a provider. He usually offers complete information on how to use the software and helps to master its functionalities in practice.


Automation of foodservice industry: why do you need it and how to get started? | фото 3 | SmartTouch


It is advisable for a representative of the supplier company to be present at the preparatory stage. His essential mission will consist in removing all obstacles that impede the normal functioning of the system:


  1. Problems with choosing hardware. Company’s representative makes proposals according to restaurant owner’s requests and possibilities. And here, the question of hardware is a matter of practical usefulness «whether you need this printer or you can find a cheaper one without compromising the quality?», «whether you need to buy a scanner or you can do without it?».
  2. Experiencing difficulties in installing and setting up the software. Company’s representative defines key problems experienced by staff while using the software program. He helps to solve them and reinforce the training massage. It is worthwhile paying special attention to failure-free power supply. This is exactly the kind of problem that causes system crashes resulting in errors in the establishment’s processes.
  3. Ergonomics of workplaces. Make sure that you have the right number of workplaces, and their location is convenient (but not at the expense of interior space and usability) with subsequent possibility of increasing their number. In general the number of workplaces is calculated according to the number of primary accounting points (cash registers, warehouse), the points of order preparation (kitchen, production facilities) and points of control (bookkeeping, administration unit and etc.)


Automation of foodservice industry: why do you need it and how to get started? | фото 4 | SmartTouch


Having perfectly designed and brought all the core elements together at the preparatory phase, further steps to implement automation into your business will be much easier. Then you can use the standard layout to automate sales outlets. Start for free here.


Do you want to know more in details how to automate your establishment? Contact our professional advisers in chat!


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