Automation of a coffee shop: how to increase customer base

New time creates new challenges for business owners. Facing these challenges can be stressful, so first of all, you need to solve old problems. Automation systems for coffee shops, cafés or restaurants will surely help you. Go to growth knowing how to increase customer base in your establishment.

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Past, nowadays, future

Obviously, softwares weren’t “born” yesterday. However they didn’t allow overcoming a wide range of challenges faced by business owners and managers.  Instead modern softwares for cafés and restaurants help to run business more efficiently by protecting owners against theft-related activities of the staff (including financial frauds), unfair and irresponsible acts, low quality logistics, stand-by time and failures.

Basically, you will be able to eliminate human mistakes. Because you know, mistakes are always likely where the human is. And if it was made, the owner or the manager should be informed about.

A new approach for new people

Management of a restaurant or of a small establishment is closely related to the building of customer base. What do business owners often come across? They have got customer details but the problems arise in their analysis and systematization. We are speaking here about microtargeting. This strategy consists in identifying the interest of regular customers to make them feel special.

Such individual approach is not limited to Birthday greetings or to offered discounts. Restaurants and cafés owners have already obtained a wonderful opportunity to contact their customer using only one application.

You will be able to track the ratings of your establishment, to notify about discounts, events and special offers, to launch bonus program to encourage guests, to upload the menu with photos and prices.

From the other side, the application will help your guest to find your restaurant on the city map. And what is more important, it will allow ordering food and beverages BEFORE your guest comes in the establishment or sits at the table. This is cooler than MacDonald and its employees serving people in queues.

Implementing automation into your establishment, you change entirely the approach to its promotion. You don’t need newsletters and printed leaflets any more. Why to do this if all your offers are displayed on the home page of the application? And individual discounts are sent to the customer’s personal area.

In return, the user gets a comprehensive loyalty system which history he can always track.

Let’s suppose we are speaking now about simple yet clever life hack of coffee shops as electronic menu. It is so common now that it has become quite ordinary:

А) It increases the servicing speed;

B) It improves the quality of this servicing because only the latest dishes and prices are displayed on the tablet screen. People feel more comfortable when they use tablets with customizable screen settings;

C) It allows attracting new audience, customers of modern times, who can’t imagine their lives without gadgets.

Leave behind Excel sheets

First impression counts, it’s also true for the automation of a café or a restaurant. What you don’t want to happen is to purchase something inappropriate. So, choose wisely your software or editor. Food service and retail automation applications are quite frequent nowadays. Having this sort of applications will allow you:

— to keep and to increase customer base in a convenient way, besides, they can be used both by small cafés and big restaurants;

— to create a comprehensive loyalty programs for customers;

— to easily track all details for payroll, including employees quality of work;

— to get detailed reports by incomes, expenses and taxes;

— to do marketing activities.

Customer base on Excel sheets is still widely used. Many businesses have adapted them to keep the base. Besides, Excel is not only used to keep customer base but also to store data about dishes, prices and so on. Many ready-to-use patterns are available in the Internet which the manager will fill in manually. While these spreadsheets offer many advantages, they have a number of disadvantages you should be aware of:

— it’s quite inconvenient to be used for multi-users access;

— you might risk losing all information;

— no statistics and audit;

— since all data are easy to be copied, third parties can easily get them.

Put simply, Excel is obsolete. Your establishment or outlet should fit a gadget screen with easy-to-use interface and comprehensive reporting system.

You have already read many times that automation of a café or a restaurant is able to keep tracks and monitor any changes in tiniest trends. The possibility to filter your reporting data is massively important. Power in data allows owners to gain more control, to be more accurate, not to guess customers preferences but to know them. In fact, building customer base is the main business goal.

All you have to do now is to arm your business with the right tool. SmartTouch POS features are described on our website. Try it and move along, perhaps your particular establishment will accompany people of modern times.

Using SmartTouch POS system ensures better service quality and allows getting rid of theft-related activities once and for all.

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