Automation in Retail: how to get started with it?

You have your own store, kiosk or network of points of sale. How to automate their work using the most recent softwares for automation in retail?


Before installing a POS application and buying hardware, define the key points of accounting and business management. Highlight goals, tasks and executors for each of them. Here below we are providing you the list of basic accounting points for a grocery or manufactured goods store.


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Retail accounting: key points


  1. Supplies
  • Ordering products from suppliers
  • Receiving products into a warehouse


  1. Products movements
  • Production (for ready-made meals that are sold through the point of sale)
  • Sales
  • Withdrawal


  1. Working with customers
  • Orders with delivery
  • Sales in the room / from street points
  • Attracting more customers (discounts, special offers, bonuses)


  1. Cash flows
  • Inflow (cash, money transfers)
  • Outflow (recovery costs, wages, taxes, rent and etc.)


  1. Staff management
  • Employment, dismissal
  • work schedule, holidays
  • time-board accounting
  • position salary and wages



As far as you run your business, the combination of these accounting points will allow building reports and making analysis. The manager makes decisions on the basis of analytical data provided by POS system of the store or of the retail network.


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Once you have defined the accounting points, you can start implementing automation into you business.


The system of deliveries and turnover


The best way to control efficiently your sales is to start the automation process from inputting warehouse stock remains. This will allow you to track right away the products movements.


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Thus, when a new product is received into the warehouse, it is immediately registered in the system. Use mobile POS applications for tablets to make your workflow as easy as possible.


The receiver of goods always carries the device with him. The delivery notes are entered into the system as soon as he checks the unloaded and declared quantity. Since the system assigns dynamically a quantity of material to storage, you won’t face the so called «commercial paradox», when the product is actually in stock but cannot be sold.


Customers accounting: from requests to bonuses


Follow the same scenario to automate sales, start from registering requests. After that, the vendor communicates customers face-to face and determines if a product is available in stock of the shopping center or warehouse. He will also let the customer know if the order can be delivered right away or not.


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The orders are often received by phones but there is a more efficient way than this. These are mobile applications for smartphones. We offer BonusMe  software which you can download for free from Google Play or App Store.


Install it on the phone and integrate with Administration panel with just one click. All orders will be entered into the system through interactive price-list (menu). Data about each user (name, phone number or e-mail) are registered when the order is checked out. When selling in store, you can ask for contact information to offer UDS loyalty program.


Special attention: logistics system


The starting point of all business processes is the supply of goods. That’s why the relations with contractors should benefit your customers. Imagine a situation when a person wants to buy some products from you but they aren’t available in the stock. So he leaves and buys from a hustler who will be pleased to accept the order and deliver it by the estimated date or place it with the supplier. And when the order is received into the warehouse, he lets the client know about it by phone or e-mail.


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Always make sure that you can deliver on time and respect the deadline. The information about each contractor should be entered into a database.


Automated POS system allows being more accurate and mind the details. Retail networks become closer to each customer. Hence, a store and even a small kiosk can build loyal customers starting from its neighborhood. This is a good practice of countries with advanced economies, so it can be used by any regional trade.


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