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Administration panel: Reports of the Stock section

Reports of the Stock section

Products stocks movements: Displays products stocks in the warehouses for the specified date range with the possibility to filter by Storehouses, Categories and Type of goods. 

The report have mode the Do not show zero positions

  • Products
  • Meas. unit (Measurement unit)
  • Start balance (Quantity, Sum incl. tax)
  • Arrival (Quantity, Sum incl. tax)
  • Consumption (Quantity, Sum incl. tax)
  • End balance (Quantity, Sum incl. tax)
  • Limits (Recom (Recommended balance),  Min)
  • Minimum stock (Minimum balance)

Reports lines are highlighted in red if product’s stock in the warehouse is less than an authorized minimum level (column min.stock).

 In the production mode of public catering, when you click on the product line, the report displays the document numbers according to which the goods moved. If the product is an ingredient, then the products in which it is included are shown.

The additional form of presentation End balances for storehouses

  • A group of goods is the name of a group of goods.
  • Product – name of goods
  • Warehouse 1 – quantity of goods in all stock 1
  • Warehouse N – quantity of goods in all stock N
  • Total – the total quantity of goods in all warehouses


According to documents and goods, the quantity of goods delivered or moved between warehouses for a period.

It works in two modes, depending on the type of document selected:

  • Products arrival
  • Products transfer


Products arrival:

Columns: Document number, Date / time of document creation, Goods, Supplier, Target storehouse, Base unit price, Quantity, Sum incl. tax


Products transfer:

Columns: Document number, Date \ time of document creation, Goods, Target storehouse, Source storehouse, Price of base unit, Quantity, Sum ibcl. tax


Suppliers settlements  – the history of mutual settlements with the supplier for the purchased goods.
Columns: Supplier, Balance at the beginning of the period, Delivery, Outgoing payments, Balance at the end of the period
In order for the uploaded file with the details (the list of receipts and payments), it is necessary:

  1. In the Supplied field, specify the required enterprise
  2. Click button Export in Excel

After the program unloads the file on your computer, it can be opened in a spreadsheet editor.