Administration Panel Reports: Auditing, Security – Action Log

Security reports are located in the Administration Panel \ Reports \ Action Log section:

  • Operation log
  • Suspicious actions


Operation log – a list of operations with documents / database objects for the period

Columns: Date (Date and time of the operation), Description (ID of the document / object, name), Login (of the user who performed the operation), IP (IP address), User action (Operation type: create, update, delete).


  • Adding a Manual Discount
  • Opening a closed order
  • Cancel the ancestor
  • Repeat meeting
  • Order Unlock
  • Delete Order
  • Delete discount
  • Return on order
  • Order cleaning
  • Deleting a dish after printing a counter
  • Entering an order by past date
  • Reprint a check
  • Order cancellation
  • Hidden order
  • Manual entry of on-line payment
  • Guest Removal

Administration Panel Reports: Auditing, Security – Action Log | фото 1 | SmartTouch

Suspicious User Activity Report

The report displays information in the columns: Order number, Date (and time of action), Action, Comment, Created (User), Institution

with the following user actions:

  • return on order
  • discount removal
  • delete order
  • order cancellation
  • hide order
  • opening a closed order
  • repeat meeting
  • canceling the ancestor
  • adding manual discounts
  • guest removal
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