Administration panel

Administration panel is a Web application designed to manage operations of your company’s Cloud.

Administration panel runs in any browser and on any device including tablets and smartphones.

To run the application, you have to:
  • Enter the address http://web.smarttouchpos.eu:3000/ in the browser address bar (on the tablet, PC or smartphone)
  • Enter your login and password in the authorization dialog box. Login and password will be sent to your mail after you complete the registration on https://smarttouchpos.eu/order/

Only the following persons are allowed to work in the Administration panel:

  • The Cloud Owner: user who has registered in SmartTouch POS and got the right to use the Cloud for his/her Enterprise.
  • Establishments Administrators: users who were appointed by the Owner to manage Establishments of the Company.

As a rule, waiters and salespersons have to work only in the mobile application on the tablet.

Administration panel users’ access permissions are set up in the Access\WEB panel Users section.

Administration panel web site is divided into sections depending on the activity area:

  • Products section allows working with products (dishes), price lists (menu), modifiers and printing categories
  • Orders section allows working with orders
  • Warehouse section allows performing warehouse operations related to goods arrival, displacement, writing-off of goods, production of public nutrition, inventory, requests, stock, contractors, and warehouses
  • Financial accounting allows managing all operations related to cash: payments, tills and bank accounts, cashflow items, till report
  • Reports section allows managing the major reports such as Day report, By employees, Till report, Sales return, Products stock movements, Sales
  • Loyalty section provides the possibility to set up discounts and promotions, to keep records about number of guests, to manage loyalty programs, discounts and promotions, to generate a report by bonus points and by discounts
  • Settings section allows to set up company’s contact details (logo trademark, name, description), policy, payment methods, printers, lisences and payments, taxes, organizations, closed order opening reasons, restaurant rooms, tables, reasons for a guest check cancellation

To payment is not lost, you can set the option “Notify about payment” in the box that appears to indicate the purpose of payment.

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