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5 essential reasons why it’s worth choosing a cloud-based system for restaurant automation

Do you want to grow your restaurant business quickly? Take a serious look at restaurant technologies and automation as you can greatly increase the speed and accuracy of the most processes. As a result you will be able to focus on bigger, more important strategy tasks. Here you will find out:


  • How to reduce the cost of IT structure while automating staff job;
  • How to keep restaurant operations under control and quickly receive streamlined reports. 


This will considerably boost the efficiency and profits of your establishment, improve the work flow and increase table turnover rate.



Doing restaurant business requires a lot of time and effort. Without a quality service, it is difficult to maintain establishment profitability. There are many people who find themselves struggling to organize their day-to-day tasks in a way to do their job properly and quickly. So you need a powerful tool which will make your restaurant run more smoothly by improving staff efficiency and providing streamlined information about customers.


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Cloud-based automation systems: what is it?


There are special software’s for retail which enable to perform many day-to-day tasks and in this way reduce the amount of work your staff members must do. Perfectly designed automation will make their job easier and more comprehensive.


These kinds of programs are installed in many establishments doing a restaurant business. But there are also some which cannot afford them due to their high cost and challenges in maintenance. The cloud-based automated system represents an easy to use service ensuring accurate management of the establishment which activities are related to restaurant business.


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This mobile software can be used by small kiosks, coffee shops, cafés and etc. The platform provides multiple opportunities:


  1. Improving order accuracy as well as customer interaction and engagement.
  2. Imposing some discipline on the employees in the area of planning their activity and making reports.
  3. Providing information and data that are of interest at any time, closer monitoring of obtained results.
  4. Keeping history of communications with customers.
  5. Determining the demand level.
  6. Calculating the probability of success and sales forecasting.
  7. Getting quick cost estimation based on price-lists which are provided by suppliers.


A broad range of values can be evaluated with less time by using modern tools for business analysis. As a result it’s much easier to monitor progress and challenges of the establishment.


Why cloud systems are better way to start automation?


Cloud-based automation systems are basically modern softwares designed for restaurant business. Unlike other softwares, their cost is affordable and they can be quickly installed without causing any problems to the establishment’s owner. As to the functional content, they are equal to other similar products.


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Here are five essential reasons why it’s worth choosing cloud-based automation system:


  1. Intuitive user interface and clear data presentation which would result in adopting quickly to new functionalities and start working.
  2. You need to perform fewer operations to search data.
  3. The high-speed functioning of the restaurant software ensures greater productivity and therefore improves and expands your business;
  4. There is a good chance to work in the system through the internet using your browser.
  5. Availability of all tools you need to interact with customers.


The major advantage is an affordable price for the provided services. These services are dispatched by subscription and there is a possibility to make payments on a monthly or annual basis. The price includes the rent of a server to store data, the software and technical support. You won’t need much time to implement these technologies to any establishment and it will be as easy as a pie to master them.


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What results will you get?


Numerous observations indicate that planning ahead for the switch to automation is a key to success.  SmartTouch POS automation system will help you to streamline the workflow of each employee, to monitor processes of food preparation and sales, and to get business analytics to run your establishment successfully.


Besides you won’t be charged to maintain expensive IT structure. Your establishment will be able to serve more meals and attract more customers who will be very surprised by service quality. Finally, when you make your restaurant customers happier, you’ll increase your revenue and restaurant’s profitability.


Automation of restaurants is a big step forward. Try SmartTouch POS for free and increase your productivity and efficiency. Once you automate your restaurant systems, your staff starts focusing more on the overall customer experience.